A matter of life and death: a big failure is not in medicine, but in its financing

For the national project “Healthcare”, the budget has planned six times less money than to provide for the apparatus of officials and state authorities, nine times less than the costs of national security and 13 times less than for defense The current situation in Russia has many different assessments, we will listen to the most authoritative. For if one of the domestic politicians is really not inclined thicken paintis Vladimir Putin. So it is considered, at least … – the analyst writes in his blog Andrey Nalgin. But even a calm and calm president described the state of affairs with the unflattering word “failure”. And this is a disturbing assessment, because it is literally about matter of life and death. Because failure ascertained in the vital primary link of Russian medicine. The Russian healthcare system in the regions is in crisis and is in dire need of modernization. This was Continue Reading


Question of life and death: Russians suffer from a shortage of drugs

The Ministry of Industry and Trade received a letter from the National Chamber of Pharmacy proposing to punish pharmacies and their employees for collusion with pharmaceutical manufacturers. At the same time, there is a shortage of specific drugs in Russia. This problem is not solved, but the punishment mechanism for pharmacies that impose certain drugs on people has already been thought out, writes Gazeta.ru. In the Union, "NFP" calculated that in 60% of cases, pharmacy chains offer exactly those drugs to buyers, with whose manufacturers they have signed an agreement. Since such agreements occur in a market where patient life is at stake, experts suggest banning pharmacies from entering into contracts for marketing purposes. A possible sanction for this may be a six-month suspension of a specialist certificate or certificate of accreditation of a pharmaceutical worker. While the pharmacy and pharmaceutical businesses are negotiating, the people of Russia are dying Continue Reading


Preferential drugs – a matter of life and death

According to statistics, almost 13 million Russians have the right to receive medicines for free or at a discount. However, to get into the category of beneficiaries is only half the battle. Then you still need to get medication from the state. For all beneficiaries who have been waiting for a prescription for months, the news of more than 150 thousand overdue drugs worth more than 333 million rubles. discovered in warehouses of St. Petersburg, sounded like a mockery. Drugs that were purchased for beneficiaries were simply “rotten” at the warehouse, although they were often refused to those in need, claiming their absence. Stocks were discovered during a prosecutor's check, which was initiated after the appeal to the supervisory department of a resident of St. Petersburg Olga Prosyuk, whose mother has myeloma ((blood cancer). Every month she should receive the drug, the cost of which by prescription is about 1 Continue Reading

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Russia has created an artificial children's heart with a two-year service life

Heart transplantation saves thousands of lives, but waiting for a donor organ can last quite a long time. Artificial hearts that already exist in the USA, but are worth crazy money, help us to live to this point. Researchers from the Russian military plant Progress have mastered the production of miniature pumps, which, with their low cost, provide at least two years of life. Artificial hearts are designed for children, and are comparable in size to candy. Special conditions were required for assembling mechanisms as accurate as clocks. The workshop in which artificial hearts are assembled is separated from the plant foundation by dampers – devices that absorb any vibrations. Such conditions are necessary for maximum accuracy, because the pumps consist of parts the size of poppy seeds, which are interconnected under a microscope. In order not to scratch them, engineers use brass tools and wooden sticks – otherwise, blood Continue Reading