Today the second stage of Ukrainian medical reform has begun

What does this mean for patients and doctors On April 1, Ukraine launched the second phase of medical reform, which they decided not to postpone, despite the quarantine and the spread of coronavirus. This reform was conceived under President Poroshenko and the Minister of Health Ulyana Suprun. The new government, although Suprun fired because of its exceptional unpopularity among the people, continues its undertakings. The essence of which is to spend less money on medicine and public health. The second stage of Suprun reform is changing the mechanisms for financing medical facilities. They will be paid for cured patients. If there are not enough patients, then the hospitals will be removed from allowances and closed or reduced staff. If the first stage of medical reform concerned the primary link of medicine (pediatricians, family doctors, therapists), then the second will concern specialists of a narrow profile. We figured out what would Continue Reading


Patrushev spoke about the emergency condition of 840 medical facilities in southern Russia

In southern Russia, 840 medical facilities are in disrepair. This, according to Interfax, said Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev during a videoconference meeting on national security with the leadership of the regions of the Southern Federal District. Patrushev also noted that the lack of medical staff is more than 46 thousand people, half of which are doctors. According to the official, almost 40% of ambulances require replacement. The Secretary of the Security Council emphasized that in 2019, the prosecutor's office revealed 10 thousand violations of the law in the field of healthcare, 2,400 were brought to disciplinary and administrative responsibility. Nikolai Patrushev noted that all medical organizations should be ready to receive patients with coronavirus, and also pointed out the need to pay special attention to informing the population about preventive measures taken. Earlier it became known that the Pravmir and Creation charitable foundations announced a fundraiser to Continue Reading


Prices for medical masks in Russia soared 500 percent

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) named the Russian regions where the prices for medical masks soared the most. This is stated in the message published on the website of the department. A multiple increase in value was found in 68 subjects of the country (out of 85). “The largest growth in individual names of medical masks was detected in the Ivanovo region (by 485 percent), in the Tambov region (by 431 percent),” the FAS said. In addition, in Ingushetia, masks rose in price by 400 percent, in the Nizhny Novgorod region – by 374, and in the Murmansk and Moscow regions by 354 and 305 percent, respectively. The agency explained that the rise in price is mainly due to the increase in purchase prices. To monitor the situation, the FAS will create an operational headquarters. Demand for protective equipment has risen sharply due to the spread of previously unknown coronavirus, Continue Reading


Bondarenko: Ukraine is on the verge of a medical collapse – people will die right on the streets

Health care reform is a great opportunity for black transplantologists. Ukraine has become a free donor platform, so the lives of millions of Ukrainians are at risk. This was in an exclusive commentary to the Kharkov News Agency, People's Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the VII convocation Elena Bondarenko. The health situation in Ukraine continues to be disastrous. A new reform, which began to be introduced under the former and. about. Ulyana Suprun, US Secretary of Health just kills Ukrainians. Closed hospitals, feldsher points, specialized dispensaries. People in the village are left without the help of doctors; nobody cares about their life and health. Medical staff massively travels abroad. There is nobody and nothing to treat Ukrainians Since the “revolution of hydrology”, time in Ukraine “for the sake of economy” has decreased by 800 hospitals. The number of hospital beds decreased by almost a quarter, that is, by 97 Continue Reading


In the Smolensk region, a mother of two children died due to lack of medical care

In one of the villages of the Smolensk region, a woman died due to the fact that she was refused medical care. According to Readovka, a 38-year-old female pharmacist at the pharmacy in the village of Kholm-Zhirkovsky felt ill on November 22 and tried to see a doctor, but within three days the doctor did not appear on the spot. As a result, on November 25, the woman died. According to the publication, the cause of death was pulmonary thromboembolism. The woman left two children and a husband. The Investigative Committee announced the start of the audit. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) In the Smolensk region, a mother of two children died due to lack of medical care Please follow and like us:


Israelis will bypass sanctions to build a medical center in Crimea

“With the support of Israeli doctors, a new cardiocenter will be built in Yevpatoria,” Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports citing a member of the coordinating council of the Association of Friends of Crimea and the future director of the medical institution, Alexander Likhshtein. "Anti-Crimean sanctions will not interfere with the project. In the last year alone, three delegations from Israel visited Crimea. And they concluded that before the sanctions, the peninsula looked much worse than it is now. Everyone was delighted with people, food and nature," he said. According to Liechstein, the center is planning to open in the summer of 2020 in the building of the former SPA hotel. He estimated the cost of the project at several million dollars. “This is a big investment, but the idea of ​​creating such a cardiocenter in Crimea is even more significant. One and a half million of our former compatriots live in Israel. Continue Reading


Unexpected medical discoveries that changed the world

Scientists are always in search of something new and unusual. It often happens that in the course of their research they make discoveries that forever change a person’s life. Some of their discoveries are related to medicine, and sometimes their preparations and methods are also used in the 21st century. Anesthesia Back in the 19th century, the American dentist Horace Wells decided to use nitrous oxide as an anesthetic for patients. He spied such a method in one performance, where during the performance a man breathed “laughing gas”, and laughed so much that he fell. The fall was difficult and the man broke his leg, but did not feel pain and continued to have fun. The doctor began to conduct experiments, and was pleased with the result. But in order to gain fame, he decided to introduce this to the public of dentists. His presentation was not very successful, and Continue Reading


Putin supported the idea to send graduates of medical schools to work on the distribution

New graduates of medical universities in Russia, it seems, are waiting for the distribution of jobs. The idea to return to the practice of the Soviet years for young representatives of this profession was supported by President Putin, instructing the government to prepare relevant proposals by December 1, 2019. The protocol of presidential instructions is published on the Kremlin website. We are talking about assignments that were the outcome of the media forum "Truth and Justice", held on 16 May. To solve the problem of an acute shortage of medical specialists on the ground due to the distribution of graduates at the forum was offered by the Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal. Vladimir Putin responded with a promise to discuss this topic with the government. Now, the Cabinet of Ministers, with the participation of the National Medical Chamber, will have to develop Continue Reading


Russians will get on the "Gosuslug" constant access to their medical records

Until the end of 2024, all Russians will get round-the-clock access to their medical records: they will be available electronically through a personal account on the Gosuslugi portal, Russian Deputy Health Minister Elena Boyko told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “Every citizen’s access to his electronic medical records must be provided before the end of 2024,” said Boyko in particular. According to her, for this it is necessary to build the work of medical information systems at the level of each region, and then complete their integration with the subsystems of the Unified State Information System in the field of health care. It is necessary that all medical organizations are connected to a single digital circuit, begin to create medical documents in digital format, store them and register, transferring information about their presence to the federal information system, the deputy minister explained. Elena Boyko added that private medical organizations will also be connected Continue Reading

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Proved: medical equipment can be hacked and give false diagnoses

Modern medical equipment that stores critical patient information, such as diagnostic results, is usually connected to the Internet. Unfortunately, all these data are poorly protected, and researchers from the Ben-Gurion University in Israel have demonstrated what this means. In particular, they were able to hack the computed tomography apparatus for diagnosing cancer and make it show a positive result. Scientists have told how such a deception can be dangerous, and what needs to be done in order to avoid this. According to researcher Kim Zetter, a malicious program can be used to break into medical equipment, which is embedded in memory via the Internet. Such a case in history has never been fixed, that researchers advise to protect the equipment before the vulnerabilities will be used by attackers. False diagnosis of cancer in a perfectly healthy person in itself seems a very terrible mistake. Besides the fact that this will Continue Reading