Primorye mourns a deceased girl soon and discusses the quality of medicine.

Paid vaccine, poor-quality equipment of medical institutions and careless doctors became the subject of widespread discontent among Primorye residents For more information: https://primamedia.ru/news/838486/?from=37. Stormy controversy unfolded around Primorye’s social networks around a terrible tragedy: the sudden death of 4-year-old Varvara right in the ambulance on her birthday. Doctors, residents of the village and just concerned people express their opinions about the quality and condition of local medicine, the system of compulsory vaccination and much more. What Primorye thinks about these pressing topics is in the publication PrimaMedia. The topic of lack of professionalism of doctors, as well as the state of local medicine, which does not allow providing qualified assistance to patients and doctors to receive decent pay, caused a great wave of public discontent. As noted by residents of the village of Yaroslavsky, where little Barbara lived, the situation with medicine in the village leaves much to be desired. Continue Reading


How general optimization optimizes our medicine

News from hospitals increasingly resemble reports from some invisible front. Happy who is healthy. He can ignore them. But everyone who recently had to resort to the help of state medicine cannot help but notice that something is wrong here. Ominous optimization in Russian is translated as "reduction", and if absolutely verbatim, the dismissal. And this very optimization has covered health care after education. Disbanding, consolidation, transfusion from empty to empty. One goal – money. ON THE EVE: “In the southern Urals, medical workers complain about the cancellation of long-service payments. 1200 employees of the hospital in Troitsk received notifications of cancellation of payments. The situation is similar in the medical institutions of Chelyabinsk, Miass and Yuzhnouralsk. There, a notice of a change in the wage clause was received by the employees of the city hospital in November last year. Those who refused to sign the notice were threatened with Continue Reading


Russian concern Shvabe presented innovations for medicine at a forum in Moscow

In the framework of the Forum of Social Innovation of the Regions, which takes place from June 19 to June 21 at the VDNKh, the holding company Shvabe demonstrates high technologies and products based on them for medicine, including telemedicine solutions. The key projects are the system for hospital wards with integrated functional units "Integro" and the hardware and software complex of remote video consulting for online broadcasting of the operation or patient's condition, consulting a doctor-physician. “Digitalization is the defining trend of modern healthcare. Telemedicine and medical devices synchronized with a smartphone are today among the most relevant areas. In particular, thanks to the newest telemedicine technologies, the qualified support of doctors is now also available to residents of remote communities in the country. Among the medical devices for the diagnosis and prevention of heart health, the holding shows the blood pressure corrector ABP-051, as well as the cardio Continue Reading

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Regenerative medicine: the path to human longevity. Are we close to this?

Lizards can grow whole limbs. Flatworms, starfish and sea cucumbers grow whole bodies. Sharks are constantly replacing lost teeth, often growing more than 20,000 teeth throughout their lives. How to transfer these practical superpowers to people? Answer: through advanced innovations of regenerative medicine. While big data and artificial intelligence are changing our practical medicine and inventing new methods of treatment, regenerative medicine is aimed at replacing and rejuvenating our physical body. Is it possible to renew all the organs of the human body? Currently, three regenerative technologies are being developed, which together should enable us to fully improve and even replace vital human organs: Recovery: stem cells, body regenerative engine Replacement: organ regeneration and bioprinting Rejuvenation: young blood and parabiosis Let's dive into the prospect of immortality. Renewal and stem cells: the regenerative engine of the body Stem cells are undecided cells that can transform into specialized cells — the Continue Reading


Israeli medicine news: False doctor received 11 years in prison for rape patients

On Thursday, April 4, the Jerusalem District Court sentenced 56-year-old Dror Rutkowitz, who pretended to be a naturopath, to 11 years in prison. The pseudo-doctor is found guilty of a series of sexual acts, including rape, as well as fraud. His victims were at least five patients. According to the indictment, in the early 1990s, Dror Rutkowitz studied alternative medicine methods in Canada for a year, but he never studied as a doctor abroad or in Israel. For the past 10 years, the defendant has been posing as a naturopath. First, he led a reception at the hospital "Bikur-Holim", and then rented space under his own blade on Gilel Street in Jerusalem. In his patients, the false doctor tried to create the impression that he was a “graduate”, but at the same time, the investigation materials indicated that Rutkowitz did not have a license to practice medicine. According to the Continue Reading


Sverdlovsk authorities sue Yavlinsky due to allegations of the collapse of medicine

An audio recording of the December 12 press conference of the leader of the Yabloko party, Grigory Yavlinsky, was transferred to the legal service of the administration of the governor of the Sverdlovsk region. As reported by URA.RU in the department of information policy of the region, in the course of communication with journalists, the politician published information that did not correspond to reality. Lawyers should evaluate the prospects of judicial coercion of a federal politician to its public denial. As the agency reported earlier, Yavlinsky, in particular, reported a nearly twofold reduction in funding for Sverdlovsk medicine in 2017 from 39.8 billion rubles to 20.4 billion rubles, a 14% reduction in the number of hospitals, and 5,000 units — the number of hospital beds . The press service of the regional Ministry of Health has already refuted the figures cited by the federal politician. According to representatives of the Continue Reading


There are no more people in medicine

The article “Notes” about a pregnant woman who was put out on the street to die from the Simferopol hospital, for five days, read 300,000 people. Resonance is explained – we hit the nerve. Having slipped between the mass consciousness and reality, this story, like a spark, helped us to understand what kind of cruel car insurance companies turned our medicine into. And the latest news confirms this. Recall, on January 17, the pregnant and ill 21-year-old Russian citizen Tatyana Pimenova was put on a winter street in slippers from the Semashko Republican Hospital in Simferopol. Exposed due to the fact that she did not have a policy OMS. The next day, the girl died. The scandal after the publication broke out federal. Officials report that the doctor who refused to Tatiana to be hospitalized is dismissed. Network guards argue that this is an isolated case. But this week, with Continue Reading


The state will remove the cost of medicine

The authorities are discussing the reform of compulsory health insurance (MHI) to increase the liability of insurance companies, while removing some of the responsibility from the state. This writes the newspaper Vedomosti, which belongs to the family of Demyan Kudryavtsev, citing sources. The issue of the MLA was discussed at a meeting with Finance Minister Anton Siluanov, and representatives of the Central Bank and major insurance companies participated in it. The idea was that the role of insurers in the process of CHI was insufficient: they only let in cash flows, the source said. The national health care payment system needs reforms that will be tested in several regions, the meeting participants stated. Russian health care is funded according to the Soviet budget principle, said Alexander Troshin, chairman of the working group of the All-Russian Union of Insurers on OMS Development. Every year in January, a commission from representatives of Continue Reading


Medicine – only for Internet users?

Our government loves modern toys: iPhones, robots and other wonders of technology. Recently, there were proposals to include in the state program "Digital Economy" new directions, invented, it seems, by incorrigible visionaries. The authors suggest the development of digital medicine and "smart cities", including the creation of a network of telemedicine centers and the introduction of unmanned public transport. Well, drones in the form of buses, trolley buses and trams on the streets of Russian cities with a rich imagination can still be imagined, as for digital medicine … An application for it was prepared by a certain consortium of Digital Health, which, together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Communications, included units of Rosatom, Rostec, pharmaceutical company R-Farm and other lucky ones. This idea, at first glance, looks relevant against the background of the so-called optimization of health care, which led to its degradation and collapse, Continue Reading