Question of the day: who bought an inflatable penis for 471 thousand rubles for government money?

In July of this year, a very strange item worth almost half a million rubles appeared on the procurement website A phenomenal purchase for our taxes with you – made the Moscow government. For 471 thousand rubles, the Moscow State Government Institution "Procurement Agency (Contract Service) of the Moscow City Health Department" (GKU AZ (KS) DZM) purchased a rather atypical medical product – an inflatable penis prosthesis – 1 piece. At the auction (and repeated, at the first with an initial price of 428 TR, no one showed up) only one application was submitted. The contract was concluded with Kraft Medical LLC in August 2019. At the moment, it has been fully completed. (Link to purchase, link to contract) “The purchase is quite expensive and there are doubts about how reasonable it is to spend small budget money on these goals,” bloggers in social networks worry. And they are absolutely Continue Reading


How else to strip money from the sick

In the corridors of power, they are plotting another innovation. As always, quietly, although it concerns everyone. This is a system of compulsory health insurance. At a meeting in the Ministry of Finance with the participation of representatives of the Central Bank and top managers of insurance companies recently discussed the reform of the MLA. The idea is tricky: it is planned to offer the regions to allocate those types of medical care, the costs of which are easier to predict, and to draw insurers to the formation of “reasonable tariffs” for these services. It turns out that now they are unreasonable? Immediately there is a reason to start, because the attempts of our authorities to “improve” the tariffs for something almost always turn them up. It is assumed that the regional authorities, with the participation of insurers, will have to determine what and how much costs in the MLA Continue Reading


"If there is no money, they will die": in the parliament they explained how Ukrainians will be treated

Medical reform in Ukraine will benefit only family doctors, and for the Ukrainians themselves, the benefits are dubious, said Olga Bogomolets, head of the Verkhovna Rada Health Committee, on the TV channel NewsOne. From January 1, medical reform came into effect in Ukraine, providing for a free visit to the family doctor, emergency care and childbirth. For other services, Ukrainian citizens will have to pay. According to the parliamentarian, doctors will be “delighted” by such a reform, but “it is unlikely to help improve the health of the population of Ukraine.” The pilgrim also added that free medical services are strictly limited. "Emergency help with a paramedic instead of a doctor, death palliative – anesthesia before death, free childbirth and so far the treatment of children. This is what the ministry proposes that the state will pay for," said the deputy. The pilgrim added that one million cancer patients live Continue Reading

Tens of billions: how much money Ukrainians spend on drugs

26% of the money spent on drugs is money down the drain. In 2017, Ukrainians spent 54 billion hryvnia for the purchase of medicines in "target =" _blank "rel =" nofollow "> pharmacies, and a quarter of this amount went to drugs whose effectiveness has not been proven in clinical trials. According to "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> PEOPLE TRUTH, this is stated in the release of the program" Vesti.UA ". Among the most popular drugs – four have no basis for clinical use. Last year, 26% of Ukrainians' money went to medicines without proven efficacy and simply enriched pharmaceutical companies. Ukrainians spent 1 billion hryvnia on homeopathic medicines, another 2 billion hryvnia was spent on drugs that do not have certificates in modern world standards of medical care. As reported by "target =" _ blank "rel =" nofollow "> PEOPLE, in Ukraine temporarily Continue Reading