Personal experience: how in Moscow they kill free medicine

Despite all the victorious reports of the Moscow authorities that any Muscovite can be quickly checked by an oncologist, this can be done with great difficulty Trueadviser writes in his blog about the catastrophic level that healthcare has fallen in the Russian capital. The blogger said what a terrible problem turned out to be an ordinary check-up by an oncologist of moles on the skin to detect melanoma. Firstly, it turned out that it is impossible to make an appointment with a specialist in a district clinic, first you need to go to a dermatologist who decides whether to send him a patient further. Moreover, the Sobyaninsky media loudly sings that any Muscovite can easily turn to an oncologist about moles as well. It's a lie. Secondly, dermatologists accept only dermatovenerological dispensaries and you can only sign up for them in a week. Moreover, if at the reception he cannot Continue Reading


Russian concern Shvabe presented innovations for medicine at a forum in Moscow

In the framework of the Forum of Social Innovation of the Regions, which takes place from June 19 to June 21 at the VDNKh, the holding company Shvabe demonstrates high technologies and products based on them for medicine, including telemedicine solutions. The key projects are the system for hospital wards with integrated functional units "Integro" and the hardware and software complex of remote video consulting for online broadcasting of the operation or patient's condition, consulting a doctor-physician. “Digitalization is the defining trend of modern healthcare. Telemedicine and medical devices synchronized with a smartphone are today among the most relevant areas. In particular, thanks to the newest telemedicine technologies, the qualified support of doctors is now also available to residents of remote communities in the country. Among the medical devices for the diagnosis and prevention of heart health, the holding shows the blood pressure corrector ABP-051, as well as the cardio Continue Reading


Deputy mayor of Moscow found reasonable experience in treating advanced cancer at the expense of the patient

Moscow’s deputy mayor for social development, Leonid Pechatnikov, stated that he finds “reasonable experience in Asian countries where a person who has cancer at a late, advanced stage is treated at his own expense”. He made such a comment when the topic of passing the clinical examination and its impact on the health insurance conditions was raised at a press conference, Interfax reports. “If a person did not pass the clinical examination in time, the conditions of his health insurance should be reviewed. But this is my personal opinion, it is not for me to decide, ”said the Pechatnikov at a press conference. Meanwhile, said the deputy mayor, the average salary of a Moscow doctor is 135 thousand rubles. “In January and February, the average salary of a Moscow doctor reached 135 thousand rubles. This average salary does not include the head physicians and their deputies, they get more, neither Continue Reading


For Moscow officials bought cancer treatment policies abroad

Deputy Mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov threatens ordinary citizens with paid treatment in case of cancer. And for their own employees of the structures belonging to the city, insurance is bought with the taxpayers' money, which allows them to be treated abroad. Recently, Moscow’s vice-mayor for social policy, Leonid Pechatnikov, said that people who didn’t undergo a clinical examination and suffer from cancer should pay for the treatment themselves, because they didn’t care about their health. To be precise, Pechatnikov said: “Here in Korea, if a person hasn’t undergone a medical examination, he is sent a subpoena for this, as in the military registration and enlistment office. he didn’t go through and he has cancer that is running out, then he will have to pay for his treatment himself. It seems to me that the way that Asian countries have chosen, including Japan and Korea, is reasonable. " That is, Continue Reading


In Moscow, a policeman exploded hands

In the Moscow region on the highway A-108 an explosion occurred, as a result of which the local precinct was torn off his hands. The reason was the explosive device, which was in the box, which the man tried to remove from the roadway. The incident was reported by a representative of the emergency services of the Moscow region. “The driver works as a district police officer, he was in his spare time. He stopped in front of the box, wanted to remove it from the road. When he picked it up, an explosion occurred, ”the source of the newspaper Gazeta.ru reports. As a result of the explosion, the policeman injured his face and lost the hands of both hands. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) In the Moscow region a policeman exploded hands Please follow and like us: