In Volgograd, died before the operation, a one-year-old girl

The one-year-old Nastya Orlova, one of the patients of the transplantologist Mikhail Kaabak, whom he had to operate before the end of 2019, died. This was reported to Kommersant by a representative of the initiative group of parents of patients of Mikhail Kaabak, Marina Desyatskaya, the author of a petition on the website Change.org, in which parents asked the Ministry of Health to give an opportunity to Mikhail Kaabak and his colleague Nadezhda Babenko to continue working at the National Center for Children's Health (NCHZD) ) In September, the head of the NCHA, Andrei Fisenko, told Kaabak and Babenko that they would not be issued full time at the institution because of claims to the drug they used, called alemtuzumab, which is used in organ transplants. Officially, the termination of cooperation with doctors in the center and the Ministry of Health was explained by the goals of maintaining a constant Continue Reading


April 30: a unique operation takes place in Antarctica in 1961

58 years ago, in 1961, in Antarctica, the 27-year-old surgeon Leonid I. Rogozov performs a unique operation, the news of which is spread all over the world – he himself cuts the appendix. He graduated from the Leningrad Pediatric Medical Institute and was sent to Antarctica by a doctor at Novolazarevskaya station. At the station there are 13 people, and Rogozov (emphasis on the first “o”), in addition to his main medical position, also performs the duties of a meteorologist and sometimes a driver. April 29, he felt nasty – weakness, nausea, fever, abdominal pain. It was easy for the doctor to make a diagnosis – acute appendicitis. If you do not immediately remove the inflamed appendix – it will break, and then certain death. The surgeon was assisted by two – one handed the instruments, the other held the mirror and directed the light from the desk lamp. In Continue Reading

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Ophthalmologists performed the first vision preservation operation using genes

Age-related vision loss is quite common among all segments of the population. Scientists hope that with time this process can be stopped, and have already made a huge step towards achieving this goal. British ophthalmologists announced that they were able to successfully perform an operation to stop the development of the most common cause of vision loss among the elderly. They used a rather unusual approach, which involves the delivery of a special gene to a specific group of cells using a safe virus. The most common cause of vision loss in people over 50 is considered age-related macular degeneration (HDD). It affects millions of people around the world, impeding reading and even facial recognition. This is subsequently destroyed by retinal cells due to an aggressive reaction of the immune system caused by the activity of proteins. Experimental therapy is the delivery of a special gene into retinal cells that Continue Reading


Israeli billionaire Ehud Laniado died during an operation to increase dignity

According to French media, a 65-year-old billionaire Ehud Laniado, a citizen of Israel who died in Paris during a penis enlargement surgery. Laniado, who also has a Belgian passport, was a co-owner of the Antwerp company Omega Diamond. He made a fortune on diamond mining in Angola, with which the president was on friendly terms. Although in Israel the name of the deceased was not known to the general public, according to experts in the diamond trading market, this is one of the largest players in the diamond market. The Belgian authorities suspected Laniado of tax evasion on a large scale. . (tagsToTranslate) Newsland (t) news (t) breaking news (t) Israeli billionaire Ehud Laniado died during a dignity increase operation Please follow and like us: