Patients from the Saratov hinterland are taken 200 km for hemodialysis in a car with cabbage

Patients with renal failure from the district center of Dergachi in the Saratov region are taken to hemodialysis in Engels by car with cabbage. On the record from social networks it is seen that patients with bandages on their hands are crowded on benches in the cabin, surrounded by nets with cabbages of cabbage and boxes of other goods. “Disabled people of the first group. On hemodialysis. In the car where vegetables are transported! Judging by the video, the place for people in the car is determined by the residual principle. On a vital procedure several times a week, people are taken along with bags of cabbage and boxes. The machine on which people are transported is intended for the hoariness of the Dergachev Central District Hospital, ”the authors of the recording commented. According to fn-volga.ru, representatives of the regional Ministry of Health replied in the comments that the money Continue Reading


“Bury Patients!”

Recently, an unprecedented event took place in the Republic of Altai: audio recordings of people’s conversations began to be distributed in Internet groups in the region, their voices and topics of conversation giving the right to assume that the participants in the conversation were the Minister of Health of the Republic of Altai Andrei Makin, the head physician and head of the Ust-Koksinskaya district hospital Svetlana Adybaeva and Andrei Fishermen. The decoding of the audio recordings is given below: Record 1. (Inaudible) A voice similar to Adybaeva’s: And how should we defend ourselves? A voice like Makin’s: From whom? From the ministry or what? A voice similar to Adybaeva’s voice: Why from the ministry? From the fact that we do not have an anesthetist today. A voice similar to Makin’s voice: Guys, I say again – there is no anesthetist in three hospitals, the only hospital that wrote to the Continue Reading


The lethal outcome of Russian medicine: doctors quit, patients die

The Health Foundation, having studied the statistics of the Ministry of Health, released data on the growth of nosocomial mortality in Russia. Over the year, it grew by 5, 5%. Mortality growth was noted in 79 regions. The fund also reported an increase in hospital admissions in the country. This means one thing: there are more patients, but their treatment has become worse. Two scandals shocked the medical community in just the past week. In a maternity hospital in the Stavropol Territory during a cesarean section, a 24-year-old woman in labor died. Seeing that the patient’s condition began to deteriorate sharply, the doctors of the Andropovsk regional hospital together left the operating room. The 72-year-old doctor retreated first, citing pressure. Her younger colleague simply did not want to take responsibility – especially since there was not her change. She urgently needed to leave for family reasons. As a result, 24-year-old Continue Reading


Golikova: More than half of cancer patients in the Russian Federation do not receive the necessary chemotherapy

In Russian hospitals, two-thirds of patients with cancer do not receive chemotherapy. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova at a meeting of the Council of Legislators in St. Petersburg. According to her, the most problematic in this regard are the Voronezh, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Kirov, Omsk regions, as well as Tatarstan and Krasnodar Krai. Golikova noted that in the first quarter of this year, "coverage was only 38% in inpatient conditions and 79% in day hospitals." "Chemistry" received, respectively, 171.7 thousand people in stationary conditions and 87.3 thousand people in the conditions of day hospital, she said, reports "Interfax". The vice premier noted that leveling the situation is possible if the funds allocated for the oncology program are not diverted to other goals. She called for careful monitoring of spending. Earlier, in April, the chief freelance oncologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, General Director Continue Reading

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CRISPR technology was first used in the USA for treating cancer patients.

Back in 2016, the US National Institutes of Health allowed a research group from the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) to begin testing CRISPR (genome editing) technology in humans. Nevertheless, the controversial and earned highly controversial assessment of scientists technology has just now reached the clinical trials in the United States. Representatives of the University of UPenn in an interview with NPR confirmed that they officially began to use it. Scientists point out that this event may lead to a wider use of technology in the future. The CRISPR technology scientists UPenn used to treat two cancer patients in the late stage of the disease. One of them has multiple foci of melanoma, the other suffers from sarcoma. It is noted that patients who were not helped by all the available treatments, agreed to voluntarily go through the CRISPR gene editing program. First, researchers removed the immune system cells from patients Continue Reading


Israeli medicine news: False doctor received 11 years in prison for rape patients

On Thursday, April 4, the Jerusalem District Court sentenced 56-year-old Dror Rutkowitz, who pretended to be a naturopath, to 11 years in prison. The pseudo-doctor is found guilty of a series of sexual acts, including rape, as well as fraud. His victims were at least five patients. According to the indictment, in the early 1990s, Dror Rutkowitz studied alternative medicine methods in Canada for a year, but he never studied as a doctor abroad or in Israel. For the past 10 years, the defendant has been posing as a naturopath. First, he led a reception at the hospital "Bikur-Holim", and then rented space under his own blade on Gilel Street in Jerusalem. In his patients, the false doctor tried to create the impression that he was a “graduate”, but at the same time, the investigation materials indicated that Rutkowitz did not have a license to practice medicine. According to the Continue Reading


The surgeon, who left the initials on the liver of patients, appeared before the court

British surgeon Simon Bramhall admitted to the royal court of Birmingham (Birmingham Crown Court) that he left his initials on the liver of two patients during operations in 2013. A 53-year-old surgeon, who was removed from practice, admitting that his victims had initials on the bodies of victims, denies the charges of assault against him with the aim of causing bodily harm. The court in this paragraph took the side of the accused and admitted that the surgeon in this case did not violate criminal law. Bramhall left his initials on the patients liver during an organ transplant. Currently, the doctor is suspended from work and denied the right to practice medicine by decision of the Birmingham court. Prosecutor Tony Badenoch said: "It was a very complicated and unusual case, both within the framework of expert medical testimony filed by both parties, and by the law." He also added that Continue Reading


Ministry of Health refuses to treat seriously ill patients

There is nothing to improve health – the ministry runs out of money The Ukrainian seriously ill patients (mostly with oncology) will no longer be able to improve their health at public expense – the Ministry of Health blocked the queue due to lack of funds for treatment. First of all, the restrictions relate to those who are supposed to be treated abroad. They will not be cured for sure in the near future: they will have to wait until the Rada approves the budget adjustment, and the Ministry of Finance finds the funds. It will take no less than six months, so the patient, frankly, you will not envy. The queues needing expensive assistance are thousands. Hundreds of them are literally counting for days. As it turned out that the Ministry of Health ended all budget allocations 4 months earlier than they should have ended, Acting Minister Uliana Suprun Continue Reading


In the Zabaikalsky village, the patients were treated by a cleaning lady while the paramedic was on vacation.

The cleaner of the feldsher-midwife center in the village of Ara-Ilya in the Duldurginsky district of the Trans-Baikal Territory, on the instructions of the deputy chief physician of the central regional hospital (RCH), treated the patients while the paramedic was on leave, reports IA Chita.Ru, referring to the prosecutor's office. Residents of the village appealed to the prosecutor in early September, when the cleaning lady began to bandage patients and give them injections. After the prosecutor’s office came to the leadership of the CRH, they convened a meeting there and decided to bring the deputy head doctor to disciplinary responsibility. Also, the hospital will draw up a schedule and will send it from the central hospital of medical workers to the village, until the medical assistant leaves the holiday. As the district prosecutor Alexei Ivanov specified, the supervisory authority will seek a more severe punishment for the deputy chief doctor. Continue Reading


A quarter of the doctors admitted that they are being forced to impose paid services on patients

A quarter of state hospital doctors interviewed by ONF received orders from the management to offer patients paid medical services. Reports about it RBC. 19.8% of respondents answered in the affirmative to the question “Do you know cases of imposing additional paid medical services on patients?” As explained in the ONF, the question concerned situations when paid free medical tests, research, etc. were imposed on the patient when receiving free medical care. In reality, the number of doctors who are required to offer paid medical services is likely to be higher, said Andrei Konoval, co-chair of the health workers trade union “Action”. “This is a very common phenomenon associated with a lack of funding. The reason is the need to fulfill the May presidential decrees on the salaries of doctors by all means. In addition to salaries, hospitals must spend money on drugs and equipment, ”explained Konoval. The fact that Continue Reading