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Neurocomputer interfaces will give people extra power

Once, on a rainy morning, Bill was driving his motorcycle, when suddenly a mail truck stopped in front of him. Bill did not have time. The accident paralyzed his lower body. His autonomy – what was left of her – was reduced to voice commands, which allowed him to raise and lower the blinds in the room or adjust the angle of the bed with a motor. Otherwise, he relies on round-the-clock assistance. Vanya does not know Ann, who has Parkinson's disease; her hands tremble when she tries to apply makeup or weed the garden. None of them knows Steve, who became blind in adulthood due to a degenerative disease and whom his sister helps to navigate the world. Presenting the three of them together sounds like the beginning of a bad joke: a blind, paralyzed, and parkinson guy somehow enter the bar. But their stories are combined in a Continue Reading


There are no more people in medicine

The article “Notes” about a pregnant woman who was put out on the street to die from the Simferopol hospital, for five days, read 300,000 people. Resonance is explained – we hit the nerve. Having slipped between the mass consciousness and reality, this story, like a spark, helped us to understand what kind of cruel car insurance companies turned our medicine into. And the latest news confirms this. Recall, on January 17, the pregnant and ill 21-year-old Russian citizen Tatyana Pimenova was put on a winter street in slippers from the Semashko Republican Hospital in Simferopol. Exposed due to the fact that she did not have a policy OMS. The next day, the girl died. The scandal after the publication broke out federal. Officials report that the doctor who refused to Tatiana to be hospitalized is dismissed. Network guards argue that this is an isolated case. But this week, with Continue Reading


Broom in the face. How old people are treated in Kharkov in a geriatric boarding house

In the Kharkiv region a medical scandal erupted. A video appeared in the network as a nurse of a geriatric boarding house near Kharkov (not to be confused with a nursing home, it is here that severe diseases in elderly people are treated – Approx. Ed.) Beats the elderly patient's face and at the same time calls him obscene words. The prosecutor's office has already announced a criminal case. "Kharkiv City Prosecutor's Office No. 6 began criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 126 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (beatings and torture) on the fact of possible mockery of the elderly in a geriatric boarding house. The beating and humiliation of pensioners became known from the video posted on Users. In the video, a woman is probably an employee of the house, she beats an elderly man's face and body with a broom, and she humiliates him. High-priority investigative Continue Reading


Zombies, pills for old age and GMO people. Top medical discoveries in 2018

Sitting in a queue at the clinic with a newly instituted paper card (because the old one was lost), it is hard to believe that medicine is one of the most rapidly developing areas. And yet it is. In 2018, they invented and experienced so much that the heart rejoices and the soul sings. And how much will be in 2019! Alexander Morozov is a practicing physician, popularizer of science and the author of the “Collector of the Future” blog. He is well-versed in the latest medical research, experiments and scientific breakthroughs. We asked Alexander to compile a list of the most significant discoveries of the last year, in his opinion. Also see what to expect from the current year. Top Medical Achievement 2018 1. Transplantation of bioengineered lungs to the pig In the summer, American doctors reported successful laboratory experience in growing and transplanting bioengineering lungs. Simplified, it looks Continue Reading


"Dry out" – why treat sick old people?

My girlfriend's mom lives in a village near Moscow. Last month she felt bad, fell in her room. Well, the grandson was at home, called an ambulance. They took her to the hospital, and here she is there for a day, another week. And do not do anything with it. A friend decided to talk to a doctor: what is it with my mother, what is the diagnosis, how to treat? The doctor, a woman of about forty, was surprised: “What do you want from me?” “I want you to examine your mother, find out her problems and prescribe the appropriate medications,” a friend explained. – At seventy-eight? The doctor said and looked at her friend as the last fool. “So what if she is seventy-eight years old?” —A girlfriend was surprised now. “Nothing,” the doctor shrugged her shoulders and ended the conversation with useful advice. “I didn’t even immediately Continue Reading