Decomposition of medicine: bureaucrats become millionaires, doctors become poor

Catastrophic processes take place in Russian medicine, which in the end will completely destroy it. The class stratification of nomenclature and plebs in science, education and medicine began not 5, but 15-20 years ago. In the 90s, the directors of research institutes and university rectors realized that they were landlords of profitable real estate and their incomes no longer depended on their main activity. In the zero years, they learned to earn money on paid expert examinations of the world pharmacy and protect the “commercial segment”. Nowadays, they have known the joy of distribution and state security, which began to be distributed in the right hands. As a result, they became at the same income level with top officials and middle-class businessmen. But unlike them, they also gained administrative and political weight. The catastrophic events taking place recently on the medical front, according to the Moscow blogger Gleb Kuznetsov, serves Continue Reading


In Bashkiria, 72 percent of FAPs are in poor condition

In the republic, 72 percent of obstetric and obstetric points are in disrepair or need major repairs. In total there are 2064 in Bashkiria. As Raphael Yapparov, Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus, noted, the problem of their unsatisfactory condition is one of the key issues in rural health care. To further solve the problem, it is proposed to build and equip each year with a new requirement at least 20 FAPs instead of emergency ones. “This work is impossible without the administrations of cities and districts, since the preparation of land plots and landscaping require their active participation. 80 percent of FAPs are located in rented premises and are combined with rural clubs, kindergartens, schools with zero rent, ”said Acting Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus Rafael Yapparov . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) breaking news (t) In Bashkiria, 72 percent of FAPs are Continue Reading

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An association has been found between poor oral hygiene and the development of cancerous tumors.

There are many types of cancer and, despite the active development of universal methods of treatment, scientists are trying to create drugs against only their specific types. A new discovery made by researchers from Columbia University, can help in the treatment of colon cancer – scientists have already identified the cause of its accelerated development and figured out how to slow it down. Many may be frightened by the fact that the reason lies in poor oral hygiene. The study showed that the accelerated development of colon cancer is associated with the work of the bacterium Fusobacterium nucleatum, which develops in plaque and is involved in the formation of periodontitis and caries. Initially, scientists could not figure out exactly how it accelerates the growth of cancer cells, but during the study they found out that the bacterium has an assistant, the annexin A1 protein. The annexin A1 protein interacts not Continue Reading

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How does poor sleep lead to heart disease and death?

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular diseases account for 31% of all deaths in the world. They develop with improper diet, smoking, lack of physical activity and improper sleep patterns. If scientists already know how food consumed, nicotine, and a sedentary lifestyle affect the heart and blood vessels, then the effect of an abnormal sleep pattern has not yet been studied. However, the mystery has already been solved – Harvard researchers have discovered an unexpected chemical reaction linking poor sleep with heart disease. In their study, the team decided to understand how inadequate sleep leads to the development of atherosclerosis, one of the most frequent cardiovascular diseases. In the course of this disease, fatty plaques form in the human arteries that interfere with free blood flow and lead to a decrease in the elasticity of the blood vessels and their inflammation. Subsequently, more serious problems arise, such as seizures Continue Reading