Putin surprised at the transfer of nurses to cleaners "for the sake of economy"

“What are we saving on?”, Russian President Vladimir Putin commented on the situation with the salaries of nurses. We are talking about the transfer of nurses to cleaners, despite the fact that the salaries of nurses are already very small. According to TASS, at an expanded meeting of the Presidium of the State Council, Putin emphasized that some cases of attempts to save money on medical staff salaries are perplexing. “We equated the nurse in terms of the growth rate of wages with the average staff, but began to transfer them to cleaners. Well, why? ”Putin asked, indicating that the salaries of the nurse were already“ not that big. ” According to Putin, there is no “saving” here and cannot be. The President added that to finance the modernization of primary health care since 2020, 150 billion rubles of additional funds (50 billion rubles per year) are provided for a Continue Reading


Putin supported the idea to send graduates of medical schools to work on the distribution

New graduates of medical universities in Russia, it seems, are waiting for the distribution of jobs. The idea to return to the practice of the Soviet years for young representatives of this profession was supported by President Putin, instructing the government to prepare relevant proposals by December 1, 2019. The protocol of presidential instructions is published on the Kremlin website. We are talking about assignments that were the outcome of the media forum "Truth and Justice", held on 16 May. To solve the problem of an acute shortage of medical specialists on the ground due to the distribution of graduates at the forum was offered by the Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal. Vladimir Putin responded with a promise to discuss this topic with the government. Now, the Cabinet of Ministers, with the participation of the National Medical Chamber, will have to develop Continue Reading


The guard's wife Putin suddenly became a billionaire

Lyudmila Murova, spouse of the former head of the Federal Security Service Evgeny Murov, was included in the Forbes list, becoming the owner of a number of large enterprises. This is what the Interlocutor writes about, noting that the company previously belonged to the arrested businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who worked closely with state contracts from the FSO. According to Forbes, to which the Interlocutor refers, the pensioner Murova became the owner of a share in the United Medical Center, one of the largest Russian medical companies, in particular, “crushing the market for issuing official certificates for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Migration Service in St. Petersburg”. Murovoy also now owns half of Mikhalchenko’s “Ovsyanoye” estate (the second half is owned by a colleague of her husband, KGB Nikolai Negodov). The assets in Murovoy include the share in LLC “Property Management“ Plant “Izmeron”. The plant itself is engaged Continue Reading


Doctors told why they didn’t save the cancer patient Daria Starikova who complained to Putin

Doctors of the Moscow Herzen Research Institute of Oncology did their best to save Darya Starikova. Specialists from the Research Institute presented the cancer patient with almost a year of life, but the disease was stronger. Earlier it became known that Daria Starikova died. "During the year, she fought along with the doctors for her life. In the country's leading oncology institution, the Herzen Oncology Research Institute of Russia, doctors did everything possible to save her," the Ministry of Health said in a statement. The document notes that the most modern methods of treating cancers have been applied, consultations of foreign experts have been held. "This gave Daria almost a year of life, but the disease, unfortunately, turned out to be stronger," the statement says. Recall, Daria Starikova from Apatity with a fourth-stage oncologic disease turned to Russian leader Vladimir Putin during a straight line on June 15, 2017. According Continue Reading