In Altai, the doctor refused to take a pensioner, advising "call the priest"

In Novoaltaisk, the doctor of the L. Y. Litvinenko City Hospital refused to accept a 68-year-old man in serious condition, advising him to "call the priest." SK conducts incident verification. The man felt bad on May 2, began to cough up blood and gasp, his granddaughter Xenia told the local edition of Tolk. An ambulance delivered a blood-repairing injection to a man and recommended urgent hospitalization. The relatives immediately took the man to the city hospital, where a surgeon on duty was called to them. According to her granddaughter, the doctor spoke to them rudely. “In the end, he said that in general the grandfather would not look so that we could 'call the priest',” said the victim’s granddaughter. After 40 minutes, another doctor came from resuscitation, the pensioner was taken an X-ray, and then put in intensive care. According to his relatives, he was diagnosed with a perforated ulcer Continue Reading


In the Kama region, the doctor refused to take the child without an appointment and left the office.

A resident of Perm named Dmitry complained about the actions of the doctors of the city polyclinic №4. According to the man, his six-year-old son, he can not record admission for two months, and in the very institution of the child refuse to accept. A video appeared in the community “My city – Perm”, in which a man asks to explain to doctors why his otolaryngologist refuses to examine his child. The staff of the institution reported that admission is carried out only by appointment – personally through the pediatrician or online. To the man's remark about the problems with the recording, he was recommended to “not delay the queue”, and the doctor himself left the office. As the author of the video writes, as a result, the man had to leave with nothing. “Such problems are not only with the otolaryngologist, but with almost all narrow specialists. At least Continue Reading


In Krasnodar, the doctor refused to prescribe insulin to the girl with the words "Though you die!"

In the capital of the Kuban fired physician, who rudely refused the patient to receive the medicine. The girl came to the reception at the Seversk hospital, without registering. She arrived from another city and was late. The doctor told her that she would not prescribe insulin: “Though you die, I will not prescribe.” The patient dropped the conversation on a mobile phone. Today, two days after this incident, the doctor was left without work, said the head doctor Manolis Ananikov. “The doctor, who has committed incorrect behavior in relation to the patient, is dismissed. The girl was provided with the necessary assistance, insulin was discharged for three months, ”the head of the TASS medical center quotes. The doctor herself justified her actions with the strictness of the rules: there is no admission without a coupon, and no prescription without a prescription, observers say. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) Continue Reading