Russia still mumbles

Research: smoking causes 15.1% of deaths in Russia. It is noted that Russia remains one of the most smoking countries in the world. MOSCOW, February 20. / TASS /. Smoking is the fourth most dangerous risk factor for Russians and causes 15.1% of deaths. This follows from a study by the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management, available to TASS. “Smoking provokes 22% of all new registered diseases in adult Russians and 45% of oncological diseases,” said Natalia Komarova, director of the center. It is noted that Russia remains one of the most smoking countries in the world. According to Skolkovo, more than 35 million Russians continue to smoke cigarettes. At the same time, every fifth Russian smoker smokes more than one pack per day. Skolkovo experts believe that the legislative leveling of electronic cigarettes with tobacco will reduce smoking levels from 29% to 16% by 2035, and the proportion of Continue Reading


The fruits of the "reforms": lung diseases in Russia are growing at a catastrophic pace

The state of the capital’s health care, despite the “optimization”, continues to deteriorate An extremely alarming post was left on his blog by a famous politician and municipal deputy Ilya Yashin: “At our council of deputies yesterday, the heads of district clinics spoke. They presented a report on the work, cheerfully reported success. But if you delve into the details – a very difficult impression. Firstly, residents immediately began to resent the lack of local doctors, which are difficult to make an appointment with. People are annoyed that doctors are constantly changing: they want to go to an appointment with one doctor who knows the history of their illness, but there is simply no such opportunity. Secondly, citizens are unhappy that according to the instructions, the doctor of the clinic should spend no more than 12 minutes on the patient. “It’s true, there is such a standard,” agreed the head Continue Reading


Coronavirus patients in Russia began to recover

The head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova said that two Chinese citizens who have been diagnosed with coronavirus are now "preparing for discharge." It is reported by Interfax. According to her, the necessary anti-epidemic measures were taken in relation to patients, they feel good. As soon as the negative results of their examination are received twice, they will be discharged. Popova also said that all previously evacuated from China to the Tyumen region are doing well, no one has detected a coronavirus, the official channel on the coronavirus prevention headquarters of the Tyumen region said in a statement. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) latest news (t) Coronavirus patients in Russia began to recover Please follow and like us:


Prices for medical masks in Russia soared 500 percent

The Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) named the Russian regions where the prices for medical masks soared the most. This is stated in the message published on the website of the department. A multiple increase in value was found in 68 subjects of the country (out of 85). “The largest growth in individual names of medical masks was detected in the Ivanovo region (by 485 percent), in the Tambov region (by 431 percent),” the FAS said. In addition, in Ingushetia, masks rose in price by 400 percent, in the Nizhny Novgorod region – by 374, and in the Murmansk and Moscow regions by 354 and 305 percent, respectively. The agency explained that the rise in price is mainly due to the increase in purchase prices. To monitor the situation, the FAS will create an operational headquarters. Demand for protective equipment has risen sharply due to the spread of previously unknown coronavirus, Continue Reading


A large-scale action against the collapse of medicine took place in Russia: there are detainees

On Saturday, an action was taken in different cities of Russia against the collapse of medicine and poor-quality medical care. This was reported on Twitter by the inter-regional union of medical workers "Alliance of Doctors." In Moscow, patients and doctors went to the building of the Ministry of Health on Neglinnaya Street. They demanded to stop optimization in medical institutions and to return to the workplace dismissed doctors. Doctors [email protected] Thank you all, you are heroes! Dozens of cities, hundreds or even thousands of people today came out with demands to give decent medicine to all Russians. #We want live <a href = "https://twitter.com/alyansvrachey/status/1200764545301712896/ photo / 1 "rel =" nofollow "><a href = "https://twitter.com/alyansvrachey/status/1200764545301712896/ photo / 1 "rel =" nofollow "> 84 <a href = "https://twitter.com/alyansvrachey/status/1200710655860449280/ photo / 1 "rel =" nofollow "> thirty <a href = "


Little Maxim did not find a place in big Russia

The first channel regularly acquaints viewers with the achievements of domestic oncologists: cryoprobes, immunocommunications, computer programs. At the beginning of this year, talking about successes in this area, the representative of the Ministry of Health broadcasted: “The patient is not left alone with the disease, moreover, the doctor is not left alone in the region with a difficult case.” On November 8, a news story appeared about how Russian oncologists "turned the idea of ​​treating childhood cancer" – now Moscow doctors can treat it without chemotherapy. And on the same day, the Change.org newsletter (an online platform designed to host petitions) announced the appeal of Artyom Salomayev, whose young son Maxim needed urgent medical attention, but all the specialized medical institutions in Russia refused him such help. It is known that cancer can be effectively treated only in the early stages of the disease. Procrastination here is like death. Therefore, Continue Reading


In Russia, a child is “easier to bury” than “expensive to treat”

Head of the Kidney Transplantation Center: in Russia, it’s “easier to bury a child” than “expensive to treat” Aleksey Valov, head of the kidney transplantation department of the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital (RCCH), said that today in Russia it is “easier to bury a child" who needs a kidney transplant than to provide him with treatment. The doctor said this in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper. “It’s easier to bury such a child than to provide him with expensive permanent treatment. There is no money for this in our state, ”said Valov. According to him, in Russia there is no state program for child transplantation. “We have offered such a program since the beginning of the 2000s. It was suggested that in each of the federal districts there should be at least one branch for a child transplant. And that would somehow close this problem. But so far not Continue Reading


In Russia, implants that grow together with bone have been developed.

Research by Russian scientists on the creation of biologically active implants that can be fused with natural bone was published by Progress in Natural Science: Materials International on November 12, RIA Novosti reported. The study describes the technology for creating biomaterials based on ceramics and synthetic calcium silicate, developed by scientists from the Institute of Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Pacific State Medical University, the Far Eastern Federal University and the Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry named after G. B. Elyakova. The complexity of the research was caused by the high requirements for implants used for prosthetics: they should not adversely affect living tissues inside the body, they should have a porous structure – for bone tissue and blood vessels to grow inside the implant. In addition, the implant must have biologically active properties, stimulating cell growth, cell division and differentiation. The composition of the new material includes Continue Reading


The main cancer center in Russia revealed the salaries of doctors fleeing from there

The medical staff of the main cancer center of Russia – the National Medical Research Center for Oncology named after N. N. Blokhina – receives the same salary as always. The reduction in incentive payments was only in July, which led to salaries of less than 20 thousand rubles for nurses and less than 40 thousand for some doctors, the cancer center press service said. “There was a decrease in incentive payments for July. Now the salary level of all staff has been restored, ”Reedus quoted the representative of the medical institution. The press service also clarified that there would be no layoffs. “Nobody wrote a letter of resignation,” the cancer center said. In addition, the institution denied information about restricting the work of volunteers. “The only thing we limit the volunteers to do is to bring to the clinic products that are prohibited for sick children,” the press service Continue Reading


In Russia, the incidence of syphilis over 18 years fell ten times

At the end of 2018, the Russian Ministry of Health fixes a decrease in the incidence of syphilis. Indicators fell ten times compared with 2000, reports RT. In 2018, the incidence rate of Russians was 16.5 cases per 100 thousand people, 18 years ago it was 165.7 cases per 100 thousand people. In total, 24.5 thousand people lived in the country with a diagnosis of syphilis in 2018 (239.3 thousand in 2000). The highest incidence rate is registered in the Republic of Tuva, where 43.5 cases of syphilis account for 100 thousand people. Irkutsk Oblast (33.7 cases), Primorsky Krai (31.6), Altai Republic (31.6) and Kaluga Oblast (31.4) follow it. The least likely to suffer from syphilis are residents of Kalmykia – 2.5 cases per 100 thousand people. Also, a low incidence rate was noted in the Kostroma region (3.3), the republics of Karelia (3.7), Komi (3.8) and Dagestan (3.8). The Continue Reading