Are Korean children more native than Russians?

Russia has decided to allocate $ 4.8 million to finance a project to reduce child mortality in the DPRK. But why in North Korea, and not in Russia? Or do we have no problem of child mortality? Of course, the case reported by the Russian Embassy in the DPRK is good from a global point of view. But it contrasts quite sharply with Putin’s speech at the last press conference, where the president carried the idea through the tree, answering the question of a journalist from the Crimea: why are our children forced to seek funds for treatment outside the state’s brackets? Here, in fact, is the answer. Because the light of our children. Because looking beautiful in the eyes of international partners from the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) is much more important than doing heavy rough work domestically. To be absolutely correct, two quotes from the press conference. Continue Reading


Too expensive: regional officials refuse to save seriously ill Russians

The Office of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Nizhny Novgorod Region began a check on the fact of non-provision of medical care to a family from Sosnovsky district. 5 people, including children, slowly and painfully die away from a rare disease. Local officials refuse medicine, despite a court ruling. Irina Mishina In the village of Makasovo, Sosnovsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region, a family lives in which, by the will of fate, several adults and a child are slowly dying away from a genetic inherited disease – Fabry disease. A deadly ailment sneaks up unnoticed. The first signs are painful attacks in which the patient feels a burning sensation in the limbs. Over the years, these attacks are getting harder and last for several days. The cardiovascular system, kidneys are gradually affected, patients complain of dizziness, intolerable headaches, loss of consciousness. Deafness and loss of visual acuity Continue Reading


Russians will get on the "Gosuslug" constant access to their medical records

Until the end of 2024, all Russians will get round-the-clock access to their medical records: they will be available electronically through a personal account on the Gosuslugi portal, Russian Deputy Health Minister Elena Boyko told Rossiyskaya Gazeta. “Every citizen’s access to his electronic medical records must be provided before the end of 2024,” said Boyko in particular. According to her, for this it is necessary to build the work of medical information systems at the level of each region, and then complete their integration with the subsystems of the Unified State Information System in the field of health care. It is necessary that all medical organizations are connected to a single digital circuit, begin to create medical documents in digital format, store them and register, transferring information about their presence to the federal information system, the deputy minister explained. Elena Boyko added that private medical organizations will also be connected Continue Reading


Question of life and death: Russians suffer from a shortage of drugs

The Ministry of Industry and Trade received a letter from the National Chamber of Pharmacy proposing to punish pharmacies and their employees for collusion with pharmaceutical manufacturers. At the same time, there is a shortage of specific drugs in Russia. This problem is not solved, but the punishment mechanism for pharmacies that impose certain drugs on people has already been thought out, writes Gazeta.ru. In the Union, "NFP" calculated that in 60% of cases, pharmacy chains offer exactly those drugs to buyers, with whose manufacturers they have signed an agreement. Since such agreements occur in a market where patient life is at stake, experts suggest banning pharmacies from entering into contracts for marketing purposes. A possible sanction for this may be a six-month suspension of a specialist certificate or certificate of accreditation of a pharmaceutical worker. While the pharmacy and pharmaceutical businesses are negotiating, the people of Russia are dying Continue Reading


Rostec and Alisher Usmanov will deprive Russians of cheap drugs

The Russian government is inventing new projects to raise money from the Russians. The next step is mandatory labeling of goods The government announced its intention to outlaw all drugs produced from January 1, 2019, which do not have special markings. To do this, a special QR code will be applied to the medicine, which, according to the authors of the initiative, will guarantee that the product is not counterfeit, since with its help anyone who wishes can move from the manufacturer to the pharmacy counter using a special application. This whole system, which in the future should cover the entire Russian market (not only pharmacies), will be given into private hands, namely the Center for the Development of Promising Technologies to Alisher Usmanov, and the Rostec State Corporation, which has already offered its services for the production of the necessary equipment for implementation of the project, and the amount Continue Reading


Expert: Russians began to die more often from AIDS

In Russia, the number of newly registered HIV infections is rapidly increasing. Experts warn about this on the eve of World AIDS Day. “Unfortunately, the number of infected people is growing in Russia. We had 103 thousand new cases last year. By November, we already had another 75 thousand registered. That is, by the end of the year there will be at least 100 thousand, ”said Vadim Pokrovsky, head of the Federal Scientific and Methodological Center for the Prevention and Control of AIDS. In 2014, there were 89,808 new cases, in 2015 – 98232, in 2016 – 103,438. Pokrovsky also announced an increase in the number of deaths of patients with HIV-positive status. “Our number of deaths is increasing. Last year, 18.5 thousand people, according to Rosstat, died of AIDS. In fact, more than 30 thousand people died with HIV, but why did the remaining 15 thousand die – a Continue Reading


Space medicine will help Russians with heart failure

Specialists of the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP) are planning to use space inventions in terrestrial medicine to help patients and old people in Russia with heart failure. One of these inventions is myostimulation. The electrodes are superimposed on the muscles, which are seriously affected in space flight conditions. The electric current causes them to contract and relax, so they are trained. “The technique tested in Earth orbit will help heart failure patients and old people. The Institute of Biomedical Problems (IMBP) of the Russian Academy of Sciences plans to use the muscle stimulation method used by the ISS crew on Earth. IMBP RAS conducts experiments on the introduction of miostimulation in the clinical practice of Russian medical institutions. According to the IBMP, the Institute, together with the University of Bern (Switzerland), received a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science to study the possibility of using space inventions Continue Reading


Russians predicted a shortage of medical devices

In Russia, there may be a shortage of medical devices after 2021. This follows from the calculations of the association of manufacturers "Medical Resources", according to Kommersant. Until the end of 2021, Russian manufacturers must re-register their products to create a single market for medical products in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). It is possible to complete the procedure from the second half of 2018, however, taking into account the pace of work of Roszdravnadzor, it will take 20 years to re-register already existing goods. Thus, manufacturers will not have time to complete the procedure on time, which may lead to a shortage of medical devices on the market. In addition, they will have to abandon new projects and raise prices due to the additional costs of re-registration, resulting in increased costs for private and public clinics. The Medical Resources Association sent an appeal to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova, Continue Reading