After the surgeons of Nizhny Tagil massively resigned traumatologists Stavropol

After the surgeons of the Nizhny Tagil hospitals massively wrote the letter of resignation, a similar case occurred in the Stavropol Territory. All trauma doctors, headed by the department head Roman Alfimov from the Central City Hospital of Pyatigorsk, wrote a letter of resignation. “Roman Alexandrovich no longer works for us, he quit along with all his colleagues. Doctors were not happy with the system of remuneration, workloads and other working conditions, ”URA.RU was told in the Central City Hospital of Pyatigorsk. The Ministry of Health of the Stavropol Territory refused to comment on the mass dismissal of traumatologists by telephone and asked to send a request, which was poisoned. At the end of July, all surgeons of the Nizhny Tagil Demidov hospital quit. After them, they wrote a letter of resignation to the surgeons of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1. The surgeons of the City Clinical Hospital No. Continue Reading


Tagil surgeons talked about the true reasons for their dismissal

Doctors from Nizhny Tagil explained the reasons for the mass layoffs. In August, six surgeons from City Hospital No 1 on Vagonka wrote a letter of resignation, and in July three surgeons left the Demidov hospital. As one of the resigned surgeons told AN Between the Lines, during the year, due to a catastrophic lack of personnel and the lack of round-the-clock diagnostics, surgeons worked 24 hours a day. There were a total of five surgeons and 11-12 shifts per month. It turned out that the surgeon was on duty either a day after two or even a day after a day. “They processed it, but paid the same as before. I got 60 thousand rubles a month, this is taking into account my duties. But with such a load, you simply earn this money for treatment, ”the surgeon explained. However, he emphasized that the money was not in the Continue Reading

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How are you doing in the rocking chair? Plastic surgeons have learned to pack fat on the belly in press cubes

It's no secret that sometimes it is more difficult to pull your carcass into the gym than to conduct the training itself – but now it is not necessary if you have money and are not afraid to lie under the knife. Scientists from the Leonard Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami have developed a new plastic surgery technique – abdominal etching – which can change the shape of the abdomen so that it looks like you spend all your time in the gym. As described in detail in a study published in the Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, abdominal etching involves a more pointed approach to mechanical liposuction, in which a vibrating tube connected to an aspirator removes deposits of subcutaneous fat by sucking it. A plastic surgeon uses these same tools to create press cubes from several layers of abdominal fat, emphasizing Continue Reading


3D glasses have been adopted by Polish heart surgeons

Cardiologists turned to three-dimensional technology to improve the accuracy of operations, reports Reuters. They operated on the patient in special glasses that allow them to see what is happening in the patient's chest in three dimensions. Surgeons already know the systems that collect information about the human body during the operation, but they present the data in the form of two-dimensional images on a regular monitor. Such images do not give the required depth, and doctors are forced to constantly re-examine themselves, touching the tissues of the organ. The ability to see everything in a three-dimensional environment allows the surgeon to maneuver more freely during the operation. We are talking about the transmission of real-time information obtained during the ultrasound scan. These data are transmitted immediately to special glasses, which are a holographic display of mixed reality. It is known: the method was tested during the operation of one patient Continue Reading


Ministry of Health: Polyclinics lack more than 2 thousand surgeons

The shortage of surgeons in Russian clinics is about 2 thousand specialists. About this on Thursday TASS reported the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the chief surgeon of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the director of the Institute of Surgery named after. Vishnevsky Amiran Revishvili. "We lack about 2 thousand specialists, the so-called polyclinic surgeons across the country. This is a huge problem that needs to be solved," Revishvili said. This issue is most acute in remote regions of Russia, in the Arctic territories, where it is more difficult to recruit young professionals. "Today, we do up to 10 million surgeries in the country a year. It would seem that the number is huge, but we have a problem with the staff, including in hospitals, especially in the periphery," the RAS academician added. According to Revishvili, telemedicine development can solve the problem when the patient Continue Reading