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Open heart surgery in the middle of the street – is it possible?

Open surgery is an extremely difficult task, requiring the most sterile conditions and the maximum concentration of surgeons. Unfortunately, sometimes these conditions cannot be fully met, as people can simply die on the way to the hospital and it is better to perform the operation on the spot. In this situation, recently doctors from the English city of Durham found themselves – a man was stabbed by a knife, which required immediate open-heart surgery. Did the surgeons manage to do this? A rescue team led by surgeon Chris Smith got to the scene in just 15 minutes, all thanks to a well-developed infrastructure and the availability of helicopters. The surgeon was afraid that the man would not stand the flight to the hospital, so he decided to perform a heart operation right in the middle of the street. In such conditions, to guarantee sterility and maximum concentration, of course, was Continue Reading


A 65-year-old billionaire died during a genital surgery

In Paris, during a penis enlargement surgery, Belgian businessman Ehud Ari Laniado died. The cause of death was a heart attack that began after an injection into the genitals. Doctors tried to reanimate the 65-year-old billionaire, but could not help him. It is expected that Laniado will be buried at home in Israel. Despite the wealth, the billionaire was very shy about his small stature, the Daily Mail reports, referring to his late friend. “He stopped thinking about growth only while the accountant, at his request, read out information about his bank account, which happened many times a day,” he argues. A short note, but reads like a fascinating novel: Once there was a short man with a small MPH. Why he had a little of him was a mystery, but the Israeli origin of a man suggests mischievous thoughts about unsuccessful circumcision (a joke). Throughout his 65-year-old man Continue Reading

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Scientists have created a self-managed robot surgeon for heart surgery

Specialists from the Boston Children's Hospital (USA) have developed and successfully conducted tests of a flexible autonomous robotic catheter that can independently touch the inside of the heart and reach the heart valves. Verification of the invention for autonomous detection of heart valves was carried out on the living hearts of pigs. About the advanced development of scientists reports article published in the journal Science Robotics. At present, surgeons perform operations in the cardiac cavity in two different ways: minimally invasive, when the sternum is not cut, and all actions are performed through a small puncture between the ribs, and by the transsternal method, when access to the heart is opened through the cut sternum. The latter case requires a longer recovery period and can sometimes be accompanied by complications. Minimally invasive operations, in turn, are performed using guided flexible catheters with minimal surgical intervention. The most difficult thing in Continue Reading