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Wearable on the face "laboratory" allows you to replace a blood test

Engineers at the Fluid Interfaces Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created a wearable sensor that attaches to a person’s cheek and collects information about the concentration of certain biological markers in saliva in real time. The developers of the device on the MIT website note that such a device can save a person from the need for blood tests. It is equipped with a compact biomechanical paper sensor that responds to substances of interest in saliva, allowing you to monitor the state of the body. A blood test is a fairly reliable way to find out what is happening and in what condition is the human body as a whole and its individual organs in particular. However, a blood test is not always convenient, it is difficult to carry out constantly, despite the fact that some studies require monitoring changes in the concentration of certain substances in Continue Reading


In the Ural hospital introduced test coupons

In the Central City Hospital of Krasnouralsk, in which scandalous situations periodically arise, tensions arise again. Now, in order to pass a blood test, you need to get a ticket. “In our hospital, blood for tests began to pass on coupons. All patients cannot donate blood due to the lack of test tubes, ”Dmitry Ivashevsky, a deputy of the Krasnouralsk City Council, told URA.RU. This news was categorically denied by the press secretary of the Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk region Konstantin Shestakov. “I asked the head doctor of the hospital about this, and she was surprised. Claims that they have no problems. I have no reason not to believe her words. ” Patients are advised to come for tests with their tubes, which are now sold in pharmacies Photo: "URA.RU" However, the words of the head physician were refuted by her subordinates in the hospital itself. The correspondent Continue Reading


Corruption of the Ministry of Health: how a Belarusian test site was made out of Belarusian children

About the tragedy in Gantsevichi district, when a child died after the introduction of the vaccine, the whole of Belarus heard. But few know how the Korean Eupenta vaccine hit our country. The history of the efforts of the Ministry of Health is very vague and therefore even more frightening. The Ministry of Health did not tire of repeating everywhere that the tragedy with a two-month-old child happened after the use of two vaccines: Korean Eupenta and French Imovax Polio. Therefore, in Belarus, until the end of the investigation, the use of these two vaccines is suspended. Representatives of the Korean plant immediately arrived in Belarus, expressed regret and condolences to the child’s family, and at the same time assured that they would do everything possible for an objective hearing. But the French are still keeping quiet silence and are not even going to go to Belarus. There is nothing Continue Reading


New cancer treatment successfully passed the test phase: what next?

In 2013, researchers from London began testing the drug tizotumab-vedotin, which destroys cancer cells in a completely new way. Its essence lies in the penetration into the cells and the release of a destructive toxin for them, which has already managed to prove its effectiveness. In the first stage of testing, the drug caused serious side effects such as diabetes and fever. They managed to be neutralized by decreasing the dose and now, in 2019, the drug showed excellent results in the second stage of testing. One of the main components of the drug is an antibody that quickly finds a receptor called "tissue factor" and, like a Trojan horse, penetrates the cells. There he releases a substance called mono-methyl auristatin E, which interferes with their reproduction and completely destroys them. At the first stage, the drug was tested only on 27 patients, but by learning how to manage side Continue Reading