Chechnya told how Kadyrov is protected from coronavirus

To reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, greatly limited the circle of contacts. All those with whom the manager still has to meet are pre-examined by doctors. This was told by the Minister of Health of Chechnya, Elkhan Suleymanov. According to Suleymanov, at the entrances to the territory where the head of the region is located, there are medical posts that constantly monitor the health of people who come into contact with Kadyrov. The head of the ministry also noted that officials would like to quarantine, but they cannot afford it. “The measures that we are promoting in relation to the entire population also concern us. We would gladly retire to quarantine, but we cannot afford it, ”RIA Novosti quoted Suleimanova as saying. The first coronavirus infection in Chechnya was officially confirmed on March 24. After that, the authorities in the region announced the Continue Reading


The expert told how technical palm oil provokes cancer

Glycidyl ethers contained in industrial palm oil account for 37% of cancer cases. The statistics were cited at a press conference by the first deputy director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Applied Medicine and Food Safety of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Dmitry Edelev. According to him, the danger of glycidol was established during experiments by the Cancer Institute of the World Health Organization (WHO). It turned out that every third cancer occurs in people who consume products with industrial palm oil. That is, the scientist continued, if you put things in order with food regulations in Russia and refuse high concentrations of glycidyl ethers and glycidol, then the incidence of cancer can drop by one third, "RIA Novosti reports. Glycidyl ethers are formed in vegetable oils and fats, primarily palm, which are processed at high temperatures. About 83% of palm oil contains glycidyl ethers in an amount Continue Reading


Under Kemerovo, the hunger strike due to cuts nurse told about the threats

Relatives of the orderlies and nurses of the Anzhero-Sudzhensk City Hospital, who are protesting against the cuts, received threats. This was announced by MBH Media by one of the protest participants Marina Agarkova. According to her, “four or five” families of the hospital staff were subjected to pressure, “but they do not want to voice it.” “Relatives will be dismissed from work if you do not leave the“ Action ”trade union, do not stop all these rallies, pickets, and hunger strike,” Agarkova said. She believes that the decree on pressure was given at the “regional level”, since all relatives work in different enterprises. In particular, Andrei Agarkova’s brother, who works at Kaskad-Energo, was summoned to the director of the enterprise and offered to convince her sister to leave the union and agree to transfer to a cleaner. “Think, if you lose your job, how will you support your family,” said Continue Reading


Zadornov told about the theft "from top to bottom" that prevailed in "Rosgosstrakh"

The financial problems of the insurance company were a consequence of its business model, the new head of the board of directors of Rosgosstrakh said. "And after that we say that the company has burned on the OSAGO?!" – said Mikhail Zadornov The president of VTB24, the future head of FC Otkritie and the board of directors of Rosgosstrakh, Mikhail Zadornov, told in an interview to the Kommersant newspaper about the causes of the financial problems of the Rosgosstrakh company. The popular opinion that the problems of Rosgosstrakh are connected with high payments on OSAGO, according to him, is not entirely correct. "It is so convenient to present the situation," said Zadornov, who at the end of November headed the board of directors of the insurance company. According to him, "Rosgosstrakh" "lost" due to the fact that, having a unique position in the market, "managed in the face of its Continue Reading


Doctors told why they didn’t save the cancer patient Daria Starikova who complained to Putin

Doctors of the Moscow Herzen Research Institute of Oncology did their best to save Darya Starikova. Specialists from the Research Institute presented the cancer patient with almost a year of life, but the disease was stronger. Earlier it became known that Daria Starikova died. "During the year, she fought along with the doctors for her life. In the country's leading oncology institution, the Herzen Oncology Research Institute of Russia, doctors did everything possible to save her," the Ministry of Health said in a statement. The document notes that the most modern methods of treating cancers have been applied, consultations of foreign experts have been held. "This gave Daria almost a year of life, but the disease, unfortunately, turned out to be stronger," the statement says. Recall, Daria Starikova from Apatity with a fourth-stage oncologic disease turned to Russian leader Vladimir Putin during a straight line on June 15, 2017. According Continue Reading


The official told the parents of sick children that "she needs to return youth"

Residents of Saratov actively oppose officials closing medical facilities in the city. At the meeting of citizens with officials, the authorities behaved rudely and were rude to members of the initiative group of citizens. According to Svobodnye Novosti, a member of the public chamber of the Russian Federation and the United Russia party, Elena Stolyarova threatened to call the police at the meeting, and her colleague Tatyana Topilina responded to the words of the citizens that they needed a hospital, said: “I need to return youth And left the meeting. As the deputy of the regional Duma from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Nikolai Bondarenko told the Rosbalt correspondent, the process of “reorganization” of medical institutions, which boiled down to their closure, met with resistance from parents of children who were treated in Polyclinic No. 10 and Children's Infectious Diseases Hospital No. 6. “Some time ago, parents were Continue Reading