TV is in alarm: if you close the borders, where will the deputies be treated?

The constitution was not on the agenda of the domestic TV for long, it again gave way to the coronavirus. But this topic turned out to be not as simple as it seems, because it also bizarrely connected with politics. Sergey Mitrofanov But the amendments were just gathered in a heap, but the honored female astronaut rises from the spot, and everything goes to hell. There is a “zeroing” – whatever you think about this word. And a little commotion. Then there is a swift vote. Naturally, in favor. Then the courier transported the “amendments” (I can’t imagine, these are probably some quickly printed huge booklets?) To the regional parliaments. (The language stumbles on the word "parliaments.") There, too, swiftly vote in favor, without even opening the booklets brought. And then what else to discuss after that? Therefore, the Constitution dropped out of the agenda, and the coronavirus entered it Continue Reading


Deadly "simulation": as in prison doctors treated a prisoner

Despite the obvious symptoms of a serious illness, the doctors of one of the Russian colonies actually brought the prisoner to death. Meanwhile, while in Kaliningrad, a criminal case was opened against doctors who allegedly “killed” a premature baby in a maternity hospital, the Russian penitentiary system is undergoing the usual horrors, and it is impossible to even imagine that doctors who condemned prisoner Nikolai Kolyubakin to the agonizing death once gave Hippocratic oath . A human rights activist wrote about this monstrous case in her blog. journalist Olga Romanova: “How everyday they killed a man. Nikolai Kolyubakin. Etapirovan in IK-2 of the Ryazan region in November 2018. At the end of April I began to lose weight strongly, spoke of indisposition and severe pain in the intestines, in June I stopped eating. In early June, he turned to the medical unit of the colony. He was examined by the Continue Reading


"If there is no money, they will die": in the parliament they explained how Ukrainians will be treated

Medical reform in Ukraine will benefit only family doctors, and for the Ukrainians themselves, the benefits are dubious, said Olga Bogomolets, head of the Verkhovna Rada Health Committee, on the TV channel NewsOne. From January 1, medical reform came into effect in Ukraine, providing for a free visit to the family doctor, emergency care and childbirth. For other services, Ukrainian citizens will have to pay. According to the parliamentarian, doctors will be “delighted” by such a reform, but “it is unlikely to help improve the health of the population of Ukraine.” The pilgrim also added that free medical services are strictly limited. "Emergency help with a paramedic instead of a doctor, death palliative – anesthesia before death, free childbirth and so far the treatment of children. This is what the ministry proposes that the state will pay for," said the deputy. The pilgrim added that one million cancer patients live Continue Reading


In the Zabaikalsky village, the patients were treated by a cleaning lady while the paramedic was on vacation.

The cleaner of the feldsher-midwife center in the village of Ara-Ilya in the Duldurginsky district of the Trans-Baikal Territory, on the instructions of the deputy chief physician of the central regional hospital (RCH), treated the patients while the paramedic was on leave, reports IA Chita.Ru, referring to the prosecutor's office. Residents of the village appealed to the prosecutor in early September, when the cleaning lady began to bandage patients and give them injections. After the prosecutor’s office came to the leadership of the CRH, they convened a meeting there and decided to bring the deputy head doctor to disciplinary responsibility. Also, the hospital will draw up a schedule and will send it from the central hospital of medical workers to the village, until the medical assistant leaves the holiday. As the district prosecutor Alexei Ivanov specified, the supervisory authority will seek a more severe punishment for the deputy chief doctor. Continue Reading


Broom in the face. How old people are treated in Kharkov in a geriatric boarding house

In the Kharkiv region a medical scandal erupted. A video appeared in the network as a nurse of a geriatric boarding house near Kharkov (not to be confused with a nursing home, it is here that severe diseases in elderly people are treated – Approx. Ed.) Beats the elderly patient's face and at the same time calls him obscene words. The prosecutor's office has already announced a criminal case. "Kharkiv City Prosecutor's Office No. 6 began criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Art. 126 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (beatings and torture) on the fact of possible mockery of the elderly in a geriatric boarding house. The beating and humiliation of pensioners became known from the video posted on Users. In the video, a woman is probably an employee of the house, she beats an elderly man's face and body with a broom, and she humiliates him. High-priority investigative Continue Reading