SC began checking data on imposing loans for the treatment of doctors

The Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee in Moscow (SU IC) began checking information about doctors in one of the private clinics of the capital, imposing loans to patients for the treatment of non-existent diseases. Earlier in the air of one of the central TV channels, a story was published about employees of a private Moscow medical clinic, diagnosing non-existent diseases to patients and imposing expensive medical treatment on credit, the department said in a statement. Also in the story told about the deterioration of the health of one of the patients, which in this clinic was a procedure for cleansing the blood. The procedural decision will be made on the basis of the results of the inspection of the institution by the investigators. Recall that in April 2017, it was reported about employees of a private clinic in Penza, forcing patients to take loans for treatment. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker Continue Reading


For Moscow officials bought cancer treatment policies abroad

Deputy Mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov threatens ordinary citizens with paid treatment in case of cancer. And for their own employees of the structures belonging to the city, insurance is bought with the taxpayers' money, which allows them to be treated abroad. Recently, Moscow’s vice-mayor for social policy, Leonid Pechatnikov, said that people who didn’t undergo a clinical examination and suffer from cancer should pay for the treatment themselves, because they didn’t care about their health. To be precise, Pechatnikov said: “Here in Korea, if a person hasn’t undergone a medical examination, he is sent a subpoena for this, as in the military registration and enlistment office. he didn’t go through and he has cancer that is running out, then he will have to pay for his treatment himself. It seems to me that the way that Asian countries have chosen, including Japan and Korea, is reasonable. " That is, Continue Reading


New cancer treatment successfully passed the test phase: what next?

In 2013, researchers from London began testing the drug tizotumab-vedotin, which destroys cancer cells in a completely new way. Its essence lies in the penetration into the cells and the release of a destructive toxin for them, which has already managed to prove its effectiveness. In the first stage of testing, the drug caused serious side effects such as diabetes and fever. They managed to be neutralized by decreasing the dose and now, in 2019, the drug showed excellent results in the second stage of testing. One of the main components of the drug is an antibody that quickly finds a receptor called "tissue factor" and, like a Trojan horse, penetrates the cells. There he releases a substance called mono-methyl auristatin E, which interferes with their reproduction and completely destroys them. At the first stage, the drug was tested only on 27 patients, but by learning how to manage side Continue Reading


The former head of the Federal Security Service Murov went to Switzerland for treatment as Arkady Ivanov

Former director of the Federal Security Service (FSO), Yevgeny Murov, while still on duty, under a different name traveled to Switzerland for treatment. About this, citing sources, writes the political telegram channel "Nezygar". The trip took place in May 2014. Murov was supposed to go to Switzerland for the treatment of the hip joint, and a few days before the head of the FSO had been put on the US sanctions list. “According to the source, in order to avoid problems with being in Europe, General Murov was issued a passport in the name of Arkady Petrovich Ivanov,” writes Nezagar. Yevgeny Murov was dismissed from the post of director of the FSO in May 2016. The message of the Kremlin on this issue reported that Murov leaves the post of his own accord. The Federal Security Service was headed by Dmitry Kochnev, who had previously headed the security service of Continue Reading