At the Russian Railways Hospital, a woman was mistakenly removed a breast.

In the Saratov railway hospital, a woman’s breast was removed due to a medical error. According to the data of the Southern SU on transport of the RF IC, in 2017, a 55-year-old woman applied for help to the Road Clinical Hospital at the Saratov-2 station of Russian Railways, presenting the survey documents. In the oncology department of the hospital, her mammary gland was removed. At the same time, the doctors diagnosed her based only on the examination that the woman conducted in the institution of a non-cancer profile, and the diagnosis was not confirmed. The examination found that she was diagnosed with breast cancer incorrectly. Accordingly, the operation was performed unnecessarily. A criminal case was initiated on the fact that the employees of the NUZ “Road Clinical Hospital” at Art. Saratov-2 Russian Railways OJSC medical services that do not meet the safety requirements of a 57-year-old woman (part 1 Continue Reading

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Woman with lethal organs lived up to 99 years

Researchers at the University of Oregon recorded an extremely unusual case, the probability of which is one in 50 million. The woman who donated her body to science was found to have an anomaly called organ transposition when they are mirrored. As a rule, such an anomaly does not prevent people from living a long life, but this woman has a heart like everyone else’s – on the left. It would seem that improperly oriented blood vessels would quickly have destroyed her, but the woman lived to as much as 99 years. Usually the names of people who donated their bodies to science are not revealed. However, after the discovery of a sensational location of internal organs, the scientists contacted her relatives and they were allowed to tell her name – Rose Marie Bentley. They shared that the woman lived a long and relatively healthy life, and suffered only from Continue Reading


In Georgia, doctors found tweezers in the stomach of a woman, forgotten 25 years ago

According to doctors, tweezers could never have been removed at all if the patient had not filed complaints on another occasion. Georgian doctors discovered tweezers in the stomach of a woman, which was forgotten by their colleagues after the operation a quarter of a century ago. According to local media, the woman made a completely different complaint. The oncosurgeon of the Tbilisi clinic, Irakli Todua, noted that the tweezers were found during computed tomography, which was performed before the operation. The doctor noted that then the patient underwent surgery on the gallbladder. Now the woman feels fine. According to the doctor, there is nothing surprising in what happened. He also did not rule out that tweezers could never have been removed. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) In Georgia, doctors found tweezers in woman’s stomach (t) forgotten 25 years ago Please follow and like us:


Woman nearly blinded by Christmas card

Christmas card sparkles caused a strong eyeball irritation in a woman, which was accompanied by terrible pain and loss of vision. As a result, the woman almost became blind and could easily lose her eyes, given that the doctors initially made the wrong diagnosis. After all, who could have imagined such a thing? When the victim appeared in the hospital with a severely swollen, irritated eye, almost losing sight, the doctors diagnosed a 49-year-old woman with a herpes infection in the cornea and prescribed an ointment. However, the situation has not improved. Then the doctors examined the eye under a microscope and, finding foreign shiny bodies, came to bewilderment. Fortunately, the woman remembered in time that the glitter from the Christmas card had hit her eyes. As a result, the doctors were able to provide the right help. After removing glitter and a course of antibiotics, the eyesight returned to Continue Reading


A woman who has had connections with seven men will be barren

Chuvashia Health Minister Vladimir Viktorov said that women who had contact with seven men would not be able to become pregnant. He said this during a meeting dedicated to the results of the development of Novocheboksarsk in 2017. "If a woman before the birth of the child had seven men – it means one hundred percent infertility," said Viktorov. After his words in the hall, where there were about 200 people, there was a noise. “This is for information, this fact,” Rosbalt quotes the Minister’s words. – An interesting topic, huh? Immediately all revived. So think about it. ” Prior to being appointed Minister of Health of Chuvashia, Viktorov was the head of the City Dental Clinic in Cheboksary for 12 years. It is noted that science does not connect the number of sexual partners and infertility. The issue of infertility and birth control is of concern not only to Continue Reading