"Conditions do not compare." Belarusian doctors about why they left to work abroad

According to the Ministry of Health, about 200 Belarusian doctors leave to work abroad annually. In reality, their number may be greater, because the statistics do not take into account those who went to work in Russia. Young specialists say they want to go abroad due to lack of career prospects, poor living conditions and low salaries. The government’s departure of doctors causes serious concern (although, for example, this does not bother the president). FINANCE.TUT.BY talked with Belarusian doctors who left to work in other countries about why they decided to move, how difficult it was to do it and how work abroad differs from work at home. The picture is illustrative. Photo: Olga Shukailo, TUT.BY History from the Czech Republic: “The hospital provides housing. There are dinners, medical insurance " Surgeon Anton (name changed. – Ed.) From Grodno has been living and working in the Czech Republic for five Continue Reading


To the therapist – in two weeks: how medicine does NOT work in Crimea

As in all Russian regions, the state of medical care on the peninsula is deplorable Crimean journalist Viktor Yaduha shared his observations on the situation in the field of Crimean healthcare. We will say right away that the information will be useful for everyone who is going to go to Crimea on vacation, because the state of health and the availability of doctors can play a cruel joke with any tourist (if you cannot be treated at the expense of Russian medical insurance policies). Or – it will require additional costs for private medicine. So… “I go to doctors in Sevastopol. The nearest appointment with the therapist in the 4th clinic is in two weeks. Not to a specialist, but to the most ordinary therapist. Clinic at the 1st city hospital, evening, eight people in the corridor are waiting for a neurosurgeon. A nurse comes out of the office and Continue Reading


"Many people think that if you beat doctors with sticks, they work better."

On October 31, the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation officially recognized the reduction in the number of doctors in many regions of Russia, and President Vladimir Putin on the same day proposed the creation of medical "special teams" from volunteers and students of medical schools, similar to student construction teams. All this happens against the background of strikes and layoffs of doctors in many regions of Russia due to "optimization" (in fact, reduction of hospitals and clinics), underfunding of ambulances and complaints of doctors about salaries. Semyon Halperin, president of the Doctor’s Defense League, in an interview with Present Times, called the current situation in Russian healthcare “complete collapse” and believes that officials who “stole budget money, optimized, closed hospitals, and carried out massive reductions” are responsible for it. None of them, Halperin emphasizes, was punished for his actions. – What does the reduction in the number of Continue Reading


Putin supported the idea to send graduates of medical schools to work on the distribution

New graduates of medical universities in Russia, it seems, are waiting for the distribution of jobs. The idea to return to the practice of the Soviet years for young representatives of this profession was supported by President Putin, instructing the government to prepare relevant proposals by December 1, 2019. The protocol of presidential instructions is published on the Kremlin website. We are talking about assignments that were the outcome of the media forum "Truth and Justice", held on 16 May. To solve the problem of an acute shortage of medical specialists on the ground due to the distribution of graduates at the forum was offered by the Director of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology Leonid Roshal. Vladimir Putin responded with a promise to discuss this topic with the government. Now, the Cabinet of Ministers, with the participation of the National Medical Chamber, will have to develop Continue Reading


In Transbaikalia due to low salaries, medical assistants go to work as sellers

In Transbaikalia, people with medical education go to work in other areas because of low wages. The head of the Uletovsky district of the Trans-Baikal Territory, Sergei Savin, commenting on the Chita.Ru news agency about the difficult situation with ambulance services in the district, said that the main problem was the low salary, due to which, in particular, the paramedics in the village of Drovyanaya left to work in the shops. “It’s not even a car – we’ll find a car with a cross. Today there are three workers in Drovyanaya with medical education, with a medical assistant, but they went to work in stores, somewhere else. That is, the salary of medical workers does not satisfy them, ”said Savin. The head of the district added that in the spring he, along with the head doctor of the Uletovskiy Central Hospital, went to the Chita State Medical Academy to attract Continue Reading


In Bashkiria, will work on the issue of incentives for medical graduates

Acting Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov instructed the Republican Ministry of Health to prepare a package of proposals for incentive payments and other material benefits for medical graduates. Funds for these purposes will be allocated from the regional budget. Such a decision was made today in the republican government, at the “Health Hour” video-selective meeting. According to the participants of the meeting, it would be more correct to send additional funds for “motivating” payments to young doctors than to build for the same amount, for example, one or two clinics for the whole republic. It is urgent to fill the personnel gap in hospitals and clinics, especially given the fact that the shortage of specialists is now felt not only in rural areas of Bashkortostan, but also in major cities of the republic, including Ufa, Salavat, Sterlitamak, Oktyabrsky, noted in the government. “We need to know how much money needs Continue Reading