In Russia, the incidence of syphilis over 18 years fell ten times

At the end of 2018, the Russian Ministry of Health fixes a decrease in the incidence of syphilis. Indicators fell ten times compared with 2000, reports RT. In 2018, the incidence rate of Russians was 16.5 cases per 100 thousand people, 18 years ago it was 165.7 cases per 100 thousand people. In total, 24.5 thousand people lived in the country with a diagnosis of syphilis in 2018 (239.3 thousand in 2000). The highest incidence rate is registered in the Republic of Tuva, where 43.5 cases of syphilis account for 100 thousand people. Irkutsk Oblast (33.7 cases), Primorsky Krai (31.6), Altai Republic (31.6) and Kaluga Oblast (31.4) follow it. The least likely to suffer from syphilis are residents of Kalmykia – 2.5 cases per 100 thousand people. Also, a low incidence rate was noted in the Kostroma region (3.3), the republics of Karelia (3.7), Komi (3.8) and Dagestan (3.8). The Continue Reading

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Woman with lethal organs lived up to 99 years

Researchers at the University of Oregon recorded an extremely unusual case, the probability of which is one in 50 million. The woman who donated her body to science was found to have an anomaly called organ transposition when they are mirrored. As a rule, such an anomaly does not prevent people from living a long life, but this woman has a heart like everyone else’s – on the left. It would seem that improperly oriented blood vessels would quickly have destroyed her, but the woman lived to as much as 99 years. Usually the names of people who donated their bodies to science are not revealed. However, after the discovery of a sensational location of internal organs, the scientists contacted her relatives and they were allowed to tell her name – Rose Marie Bentley. They shared that the woman lived a long and relatively healthy life, and suffered only from Continue Reading

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Electrical brain stimulation temporarily rejuvenates the human brain for 50 years

Electrical brain stimulation can alleviate the symptoms of depression, bring patients out of a vegetative state, and even reduce the effects of Parkinson's disease. Recently, a group of scientists from the University of Boston demonstrated a technique that is able to restore the working memory of 70-year-old people so that it starts working like that of 20-year-old young people. It is noteworthy that the technique does not require implantation of electrodes directly into the patient's brain – stimulation is carried out through the scalp. The group was determined to improve the working memory of older people from the very beginning, and acted under the guidance of neurobiologist Rob Reinhart. Special attention was paid to working memorywhich allows you to memorize the information that is needed when performing a particular task. For example, it turns on when a person recalls a list of products to buy, looks for car keys, or Continue Reading


Israeli medicine news: False doctor received 11 years in prison for rape patients

On Thursday, April 4, the Jerusalem District Court sentenced 56-year-old Dror Rutkowitz, who pretended to be a naturopath, to 11 years in prison. The pseudo-doctor is found guilty of a series of sexual acts, including rape, as well as fraud. His victims were at least five patients. According to the indictment, in the early 1990s, Dror Rutkowitz studied alternative medicine methods in Canada for a year, but he never studied as a doctor abroad or in Israel. For the past 10 years, the defendant has been posing as a naturopath. First, he led a reception at the hospital "Bikur-Holim", and then rented space under his own blade on Gilel Street in Jerusalem. In his patients, the false doctor tried to create the impression that he was a “graduate”, but at the same time, the investigation materials indicated that Rutkowitz did not have a license to practice medicine. According to the Continue Reading

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Skvortsova revealed how much the salary of doctors has increased in the last 5 years

Today, December 6, it became known that the average salary of health workers in the period from 2012 to 2017 increased by almost 50%. This information was reported by the Minister of Health of Russia Veronika Skvortsova in the framework of the “government hour” in the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The head of department said that according to the data of Rosstat for five years, the average monthly salary of doctors, middle and junior staff increased by more than 48%, 46% and 75%. On an effective contract transferred 2.3 million employees of state and municipal health care institutions. “This figure is 85.5% of the total number of people employed in healthcare,” Skvortsova noted. The minister said that the regions continued to work on improving the wage system, aimed at increasing the share of salary payments in the salary structure to 55-60%, taking into account recommendations received from the Continue Reading


In Georgia, doctors found tweezers in the stomach of a woman, forgotten 25 years ago

According to doctors, tweezers could never have been removed at all if the patient had not filed complaints on another occasion. Georgian doctors discovered tweezers in the stomach of a woman, which was forgotten by their colleagues after the operation a quarter of a century ago. According to local media, the woman made a completely different complaint. The oncosurgeon of the Tbilisi clinic, Irakli Todua, noted that the tweezers were found during computed tomography, which was performed before the operation. The doctor noted that then the patient underwent surgery on the gallbladder. Now the woman feels fine. According to the doctor, there is nothing surprising in what happened. He also did not rule out that tweezers could never have been removed. . (tagsToTranslate) DoctorDocker (t) news (t) fresh news (t) In Georgia, doctors found tweezers in woman’s stomach (t) forgotten 25 years ago Please follow and like us:


The medical reform has thrown Russia 85 years ago.

Health care reform has led to a massive reduction in medical facilities in the country. Over the 16 years of reform, half of the hospitals, one third of hospital beds and every tenth polyclinic have been eliminated. By the number of hospitals, Russia lags behind the RSFSR of 1932 (5 thousand 962 hospitals). At the current rate of reduction of hospitals (about 350 per year), in 5-6 years Russia can reach the indicators of the Russian Empire of 1913 (about 3 thousand). The current availability of hospital beds reached the figures of the RSFSR 1960. Against this background, the quality and speed of free medical care is declining, and the population is increasingly resorting to paid services, whose share is steadily increasing. What is reform? There is no single document on health care reform. The ideas of the Russian authorities about the changes in this sphere are distributed across a Continue Reading


Every third Kiev health worker is retired, many in 75 years

Kiev is in dire need of qualified doctors. Now in the hospitals of the capital almost 3200 vacancies are open. And the existing positions are 35% occupied by pensioners, many of whom have already turned 75 years old, writes “The Mirror of the Week”. According to the chairperson of the Kiev city trade union of health workers Larisa Kanarovskaya, there are also 5,760 nurses in institutions subordinate to the Department of Health of the Kyiv City State Administration. Most of all, the TB services, pathoanatomical departments, emergency and emergency stations suffer from a shortage of personnel. In the primary care department vacancies for 546 doctors and 1017 junior specialists are open. According to the Department of Health of the Kyiv City State Administration, in order to provide primary health care to the population of Kiev, 2,086 full-time doctors were appointed (415 general practitioners; 650 pediatricians; 1022 general practitioners-family doctors). But Continue Reading