Tagil surgeons talked about the true reasons for their dismissal

Doctors from Nizhny Tagil explained the reasons for the mass layoffs. In August, six surgeons from City Hospital No 1 on Vagonka wrote a letter of resignation, and in July three surgeons left the Demidov hospital.

As one of the resigned surgeons told AN Between the Lines, during the year, due to a catastrophic lack of personnel and the lack of round-the-clock diagnostics, surgeons worked 24 hours a day. There were a total of five surgeons and 11-12 shifts per month. It turned out that the surgeon was on duty either a day after two or even a day after a day. “They processed it, but paid the same as before. I got 60 thousand rubles a month, this is taking into account my duties. But with such a load, you simply earn this money for treatment, ”the surgeon explained. However, he emphasized that the money was not in the first place for him, and he left due to burnout.

In addition, with such a load, the risk of errors increases and the threat of criminal prosecution becomes significant. “We go into the operating room for 2-3 hours, our patients are left unattended, and anything can happen to them at any time. In our hospital, over 6 years, 8 surgeons left, somewhere around two people came, and this situation has developed not only in our department. Gastroenterology is a large department where serious patients are lying; only 2 doctors work there. One of them is the head, ”said the doctor.

One of the current doctors at the Demidov hospital said that the situation is difficult: the doctors are exhausted, there are no “no specialists” at all, and the management does not help them stay.

Also, the lack of equipment for diagnosis affects the motivation of doctors. “No diagnostics. The right eye is an X-ray, the left eye is an ultrasound, and your two hands, ”says another acting doctor at the Demidov hospital. – That's the whole diagnosis. The equipment is on the verge of fiction, it is already obsolete, not technically. When the rebellion arose, new vehicles were brought to us. We unpacked them and gasped. They worked on them back in the 80-90s. We can use them, but then the indicators of survival and recovery will also be the end of the 80s – 90s. They were probably brought from the state reserve, but not everyone is working. Even in district hospitals, devices are cooler. Serious patients are brought to us from the periphery, from district hospitals. But it turns out that it’s safer to treat them there than to transfer them here to a bad device. ”

According to the publication, due to the dismissal of surgeons from the Demidov hospital, the routing of patients has changed. Those who need emergency, emergency care, began to be redirected to the surgery department of the Central City Hospital No. 1 on Lining and No. 4 on Tagilstroy. After that, all surgeons of the City Clinical Hospital №1 wrote a letter of resignation. In less than two weeks, six specialists from two surgical departments intend to leave the medical institution. They are unhappy with the high workload and low salaries.

In the regional Ministry of Health they are afraid of an aggravation of the situation – when a wave of layoffs takes place in the last city hospital of a surgical profile and the Tagil residents will have nowhere else to turn for emergency care.

Now the Ministry of Health is urgently deciding how to prevent the dismissal of surgeons from the Central City Hospital No. 4 on Tagilstroy and provide the city residents with the necessary medical care. The possibility of sending scheduled operations to Yekaterinburg is being considered. In the Tagilstroy hospital, part of the free beds had to be reassigned to surgery, the Tagil Worker writes. One of the doctors who left the Demidov hospital came to work in the "four". Head physicians urge patients not to sow panic ahead of time, and individual Internet users not to call other surgeons for dismissals, as this is “akin to terrorism” and the whole city could suffer because of this.

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