Unexpected medical discoveries that changed the world

Scientists are always in search of something new and unusual. It often happens that in the course of their research they make discoveries that forever change a person’s life. Some of their discoveries are related to medicine, and sometimes their preparations and methods are also used in the 21st century.


Back in the 19th century, the American dentist Horace Wells decided to use nitrous oxide as an anesthetic for patients. He spied such a method in one performance, where during the performance a man breathed “laughing gas”, and laughed so much that he fell. The fall was difficult and the man broke his leg, but did not feel pain and continued to have fun. The doctor began to conduct experiments, and was pleased with the result. But in order to gain fame, he decided to introduce this to the public of dentists. His presentation was not very successful, and he soon took his own life. However, after 20 years, after his discovery, the dentists recognized that this was the best anesthesia.

Medicinal properties of mold

The British scientist who torn off penicillin is familiar to many. Indeed, thanks to his find, a huge number of people were saved. But not many people know that he did it by accident. He was a careless person, and often in his biological research laboratory, there was a mess. So once he left the devices in which he studied the reaction to the infection, for a long time, and there mold developed. He decided to investigate her and noticed that she suppressed staphylococcus. So Fleming discovered the world's first antibiotic, which helps in the treatment of infections.

X-ray apparatus

A German physicist, Wilhelm Rengen, leaving his laboratory noticed that one of the cans with a chemical raster emits an unusual glow. A can of barium emitted light when interacting not only with the sun's rays, but as it turned out from a vacuum tube that was far from it. After many experiments, he created an x-ray machine.


Engineer John Hopps, worked to restore the hypothermia of masturbation. And in the course of research, I discovered that with the help of a short electric pulse, you can start a person’s heart.

Its development was modernized by Wilson Greatbatch. The scientist incorrectly tuned the device, and did not record its work, but sent short electrical pulses. They reminded him of the human heartbeat. Then he began to work on an implantable pacemaker.

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