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Why doesn’t the ambulance take to the hospital?

I often hear "Lenka had such high pressure, but she didn’t even take the ambulance to the hospital!" “Maybe she’d better lie down in the hospital, get examined?”

Dear friends, I will answer you the most frequently asked question about the survey. Long gone are the days when the hospital lay examined. Now everything is so modernized and reformed that the hospital treats you with a diagnosis with which they bring you exactly as many days as are allowed by law, not a day more.

After this period, you are discharged and it does not matter if the treatment helped you or not. Nobody will lie down, examine you, reveal any ailments. Forget it already. It’s supposed to lie with pneumonia for 10 days, so keep track of it, continue to be treated at home, and then work.

They removed / did not remove the exacerbation of pancreatitis within 10 days – home. And do not care, the order is the order.

Therefore, the phrase "Lie down in a hospital to be examined" has long been outdated. Nobody will examine you. Be examined on an outpatient basis.

Concerning "They didn’t take him to the hospital", there is also a simple answer to this. Each medical institution has its own rules and regulations; an ambulance cannot take everyone who wants to the hospital. An ambulance from the top authorities, namely the Ministry of Health, monitors and fines for overstating hospitalizations. It is supposed to take, for example, 1000 people a year, please keep fit. It is impossible to exceed.

There are also treatment standards set by the same Ministry of Health. Ambulance helps at home. At home, it reduces the pressure, temperature and other conditions in which assistance is required. We render – we leave. If the assistance does not improve well-being, then we focus on the clinic and severity, then the district doctor treats or hospitalization is offered, depending on the clinic and the severity of the condition! I emphasize this moment.

All your Wishlist do not play a role. Ambulance hospitalizes on an emergency basis! All other treatment at the local doctor.

Forget the times of the USSR, when they were treated forcibly and until they were cured. Now nobody needs it. Your health is only your concern.

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