Woman nearly blinded by Christmas card

Christmas card sparkles caused a strong eyeball irritation in a woman, which was accompanied by terrible pain and loss of vision. As a result, the woman almost became blind and could easily lose her eyes, given that the doctors initially made the wrong diagnosis. After all, who could have imagined such a thing?

When the victim appeared in the hospital with a severely swollen, irritated eye, almost losing sight, the doctors diagnosed a 49-year-old woman with a herpes infection in the cornea and prescribed an ointment. However, the situation has not improved. Then the doctors examined the eye under a microscope and, finding foreign shiny bodies, came to bewilderment. Fortunately, the woman remembered in time that the glitter from the Christmas card had hit her eyes. As a result, the doctors were able to provide the right help.

After removing glitter and a course of antibiotics, the eyesight returned to the unfortunate, and the doctors were once again convinced of how important it was to clarify the possible cause of discomfort in patients before diagnosing and prescribing antiviral ointment instead of removing a foreign body and prescribing antibiotics.

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